another cmww wiz seeking gearing advice.

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    so here is me...

    Currently I mostly farm for keys and occasionally some extended act 2 runs for exp. I run at mp7 when I am by myself but can do mp5-10 with others.

    I think my life is rather high and I could trade some vitality for intelligence. Maybe dropping below the 3.01 aps break point would let me increase my damage. I think every piece I am wearing i got on a bid for 7mil or less, many for less then 1m. Think I have been lucky with bids.

    I have saved up more then I ever have and I am currently sitting at about 40 million.
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    would love to help but can't while at work ( work </3 us.bnet hence can't access) :(
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    Maybe the gurus can help you with this

    From my limited pov, I'd say dropping to the 2.73 breakpoint would be a good idea. You lack EHP for the higher MPs, so I'd get rid of the Lacuni's, craft some new bracers. Also, while your amulet is very nice, I think you could get that LoH via Blackthorne's pants without giving up a lot of stats and get a new amulet with defensive stats instead of LoH.
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    Yeah, I'm not a guru but am gonna post anyway. :)
    Ignoring the dps numbers, the stat causing you problems on the higher mp levels is that total damage reduction number of 83.39%. This really needs to be around 90% damage reduction. This can be achieved by increasing armour and resistances.

    I think the advice above regarding dropping down to the 2.73 breakpoint is the way to go here. On d3up I simulated some crafted int bracers with int, 70 all resist, 5.5 crit and a random str roll which added just under 2% more damage reduction.

    I also noticed your crit chance is kinda low, juggle those resists around and get a crit stormcrow. A 5% crit one is not expensive at all.
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