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Poll: What is the best follower for the Wizard in Hell and Inferno mod

Best follower for the Wizard (Hell and Inferno)

What is the best follower for the Wizard in Hell and Inferno mod - Single Choice

  • Enchantress 23.1%
  • Scoundrel 0%
  • Templar (Johndaaaaaar!) 76.9%
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    I'm first looking for opinions on the follower that best suits the Wizard for Hell and Inferno mode difficulties. This obviously is very much a play style thing, but there may be hidden talents, uses, support that each provides in more common gameplay situations, that we don't know about. So please vote and list your reasons/tips below with your choice and a link to your build.

    If you have any other helpful suggestions, put them here and I'd like to try and consolidate them into an informal guide as we progress through the game. What weapons do you prefer - 2 hander or wands? Do you use a shield or a source? Stack resistance gear or go for Int and Vit?

    My build:!YXf!c.baYZ

    I do a lot of kiting and I hate not having Frost Nova, Blizzard or Teleport to help with that. I loved Wave of Force for a long time, but this build lets me in all most every situation (hello Champion pack with Fast, Mortar and Invulnerble Minions...) throw down a Hydra, let loose three Orbs that fly through the mobs and start running in circles waiting for AP to go back up for three more orbs. Using a 2-hand staff for the increased damage - miss the casting speed of a wand/off hander.

    I use the Templar because why wouldn't a caster have a free meat shield that can heal you? I suspect there are advantages to the others as well, I just haven't stopped to take a look.
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    Quite possibly worst thread title ever.

    So far, I prefer the enchantress for her pushback spell, generally has a dramatic effect on the battlefield. The templar's healing is nice, but hardly reliable and you can do the same by kiting back to health orbs.

    For the rest of your questions, just search the forums.
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    I like the Templar, he might not heal at points where you would need them most, but some talents are really useful, like the one healing you when you are low and knocking them back. Thing with Enchantress is, even if she has a knockback, she can barely take a beating. The Templar heals a bit, keeps you from being damaged at points and can take a beating if he gets attacked by enemies.

    Templar for me.
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