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    Hey there demon slayers.
    Right. so i recently started playing again like 5 days ago. I rerolled a WD from a monk. Last time i played was before Rmah was released.

    Ive geared up and can farm mp1 rather quickly now.

    I have around 110k active dps (wich is usualy always on due to buffs) Unbuffed around 80k
    36k Hp
    600 res at the lowest and physical at its highest on about 800

    However. Im scouting through the Ah every day to try to up my dps. But im really not that good in d3. i struggle to find out what to go for next and upgrade.

    The pickup radius i have is around 32 and my movement speed is also 32. both are kinda important for my farming spec.

    Which item would you change out ?

    This is my WD
    /d3/en/profile/Glowpipe-2544/hero/3357329 (couldnt post links so just add the eu . battle . net infront)

    all help is appreciated and all tips you can come with to improve my quality of life in this unforgiving game is taken with great appreciation.
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    For deeps, in order of importance.

    -Get a witching hour
    -Get a weapon with crit dmg and socket
    -Get an amulet with crit chance

    Critical hits is where the deeps is at.
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