What Witch Doctor builds are you using?

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    I'm just wondering how you are building your WD, why you build like you do and what makes your build the most awesome build ever?
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    I myself haven't played wd more then to act 2, so can't say I'm an expert on the class.
    But here is my build so far (haven't played much solo yet, guess i would go a little different solo):

    First the Zombie dogs; is it just me or are the extremely under powered (tried them like 15 min solo)? The only use i found for the was to sacrifice them...

    Soul harvest is just a absolute must (my dam is terrible without it), but with 5 stacks up the big bad bat just rapes the faces of every single minion and the splinters gets a good boost to.

    Groping Eels for cc.

    And just because i didn't find anything else to use i vent for sacrifice, whenever i get a dog from Circle of life I just blast the thing back to hell. Does a very nice amount of dam if you got some stacks of soul harvest.

    Think i will go for spirit walk when i can slot all six skills.

    Take in mind this is a build in the working process, and is purely to get the most fun out of the class. =)
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    Im currently in act 4 hell and this is the build im using at the moment:


    Its working really good, Dire bats for dps and saving mass confu for elite packs. Mass conf could be replaced by some other dps cd if you prefer it and if you have some mana regen on your gear (you would need 15+ though) you could switch Blood Ritual with Pierce the Veil
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    As in my signature:

    The Group build is based around the setup of the rest of the group, which is all heavy cooldown orientated. When cooldowns are popped, literally everything around us dies within seconds.

    Solo build is made around a lot of kiting, which works out just fine for it.
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    this is the build im using atm, act 2 nightmare http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#aUediT!ZbW!ZaaZaa and it has been working really nice this far.
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    My current build (act 4 NM) with a monk in my group that uses vortex pretty heavily.

    walk in, swarm, harvest, swarm again (last i heard if they were different amounts of int you could have stacking swarms) then tag a few larger baddies with haunt and just splinter things down that stray off too far for the monks vortex. also- am i right to say that Garg is spawned on mouse point? ive been trying to summon him on the monk when he vortexes for the instant enrage.

    considering dropping vessel for PTV for a little better killing power though.
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    I'm being dropped constantly in coops with magi and demon hunters, so I'm kinda forced to be 'tank' of the group, mainly supporting/cc skills. I have to say I love Stinker rune. It has perfect synergy with Bad Medicine, and constant aoe dot makes mobs focus on him much more often than normally (when some just run past ignoring the guy).
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    My current Inferno build (late act 1) using a good 741 DPS blue 2H (was very lucky with the affixes) 10k damage, 3k armor and 20k HP


    Lot of micro-management due to the low HP pool but it really does well against any type of rare or champion (though I still have to be more cautious with mortar ones). Playing solo.
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    I'm only level 26 right now so not much to tell. I do like this build at the moment though. It melts through the enemies incredibly quick.
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    Lvl 56 WD


    This is the build I use to run around and clear maps safely. Plenty of meat shields, defensive, slow and aoe let me tackle nearly everything that I encounter randomly without problem, but I do have to switch it up for boss fights. The build works there
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    Quote from Osceola

    I'm only level 26 right now so not much to tell. I do like this build at the moment though. It melts through the enemies incredibly quick.

    change acid clouds rune to blob when u get the chance. its amazing and if you spam it like i do, the lil blobs will help alot in dealing aoe dmg . they ahve actually suprised me with their power in a boss fight. (spam till empty-spiritwalk to replenish mana-spam again. you have around 8 blobs on your target now doing a shitton of dps)
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    I haven't really had much time to play, am in Act 4 normal now. I'm currently working towards this build:


    I activate spirit walk and get into a bunch of mobs and use soul harvest. Then I poison-dart them to death, using my dire bats when needed. My 4 dogs manage to survive decently well. My gargantuan simply doesn't believe in dying! They do keep most mobs occupied while I kill them from a distance.
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    Changed builds every time i changed a difficulty. Now ( act 2 inferno ) my build is


    Flaming dart is there because mobs in act 1 are less resistant to fire and atm im farming act one, not even trying to progress.
    Grasp is the second best spell in a WDs arsenal.
    Spirit walk is a must in inferno, the jaunt rune gives me enough time to soul harvest + Mass Confuse without worries.
    Acid cloud ftw. As you can see, petless but works fine.
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    this is my build as of act 3 nightmare and i am really not having any trouble with anything no matter how much i kite to a goup i use direbats for the crits and mass burst damage the skulls when i run low towds the end of the fight to finish off stuff and my spirit walk for the mana and escape oh and my big bad voodoo for the damage duh but I have a feeling i will be changing as things get harder into hell.

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    My lvl 37 uses an aoe/slow burn them down with dire bats build.


    When fighting bosses I switch with Spirit Walk and some other direct dmg spell. Depending if he/she summons adds.
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    Level 30 something, just got to act 2 in Nightmare. Duoing with a barbarian. Things usually die too quickly for a dot build to be of much use, so nuking instead.


    Dire Firebats are insane damage whenever enemies are grouped up. Firebombs are similarly pretty good, I'd use Rain of Toads instead but the channeling time makes it iffy. Hex is awesome for the small heal and chickening loose adds that decide to cleave my face in. Soul Siphon and Spirit Walk are just amazing utility and Humongoid tanks a few mobs and does acceptable damage.

    My passives are Jungle Fort because... well damage, and Spiritual Attunement and Blood Ritual to make up for the high, high cost of Firebats.

    I'd post my boss build, but after we cleared Butcher and I didn't even see my mana bar move I realize that I need to go back to the drawing board on that one.
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    act 4, hell, group build


    0,1 mana consumption so u can go to the ah, buy the weapon with the most !!dps!! (stats like int are irrelevant, ofc 20 int are bestter than 1dps, but 100 dps are better then 100 int) and devastating your enemies. If u fight an singletargetfight, swap for Haunt and one manareg passive.
    Darts are your mainsingletargetdmg, 2+ go for Firebombs. With Firebombs u can also outrange enemies and eg shoot upstairs.
    Hex on cd, esspecially against elite's, Soul Harvest is your dmg bosst/heal after vortex/hit/...., Garg und your passiv festish are tanking/distracting enemies and your group loves u for Big Bad BOOOOM (Voodoo)!
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    Currently in Act IV NM using http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#aZUdiP!Wec!aaZZba build. Picked up the highest dps weapon I could find on AH within a reasonable price. Working alright, starting to die abit more than I'd like to though.
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    Level 55 here.
    I'm currently using one of the popular mana-reg/bear builds and am totally pleased with the dmg (have a nice high-dmg 1hd)
    Very strong build, am currently soloing through hell without greater problems.
    The mobility is good, the self heal is sufficient, dmg is bombastic - I'd recommend wearing a shield and focus more on Vitality than Intelligence. With 56 I'll exchange BigStinker with Bruiser, for a bit more CC.
    BTW...It's the most gory thing I've seen in game when a pack of zombie bears plows through a pile of undeads. :D

    I've chosen this spec because I had a lot of problems during Nightmare with my previous Summon/sacrifice-build, and began switching the skills with lev 42 and ExplosiveBeast.

    I for one rather use SpiritWalk as a self-heal/defensive ability, others with similar builds use it primarily to bring themself into position to stack up Soul harvest quickly.
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    Act 2 Hell, Lv 55


    Support, glass cannon. With the extra stun on mass confusion and slam dance on big bad voodoo to help your buddies the idea is to keep the 4 skills on cd so you can spam zombie bears.

    During Boss fights I siwtch bears to dire bats, and mass confusion to spirit walk with Jaunt. Soloed Hell Butcher just fine.
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