Sustained AoE+Mana, SacDog Doctor

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    I wanted to make a build that allowed me to play continuously with the least amount of downtime. In this build I believe I have achieved this through sustained mana, dmg and life generating abilities. It may not be the great at blasting bosses down quickly but I hope it allows me to progress to the harder difficulties easily enough.!dUW!aZYZaZ

    Lemme know what you guys think.
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    Hm... aside from having no single target nuke to use vs bosses, etc it's kind of an interesting build.

    However... your pets aren't going to survive very well. You have life regen abilities so you might be able to take some hits, but you also have no CC so you can't control enemies when your pets die off.

    If I were going to focus on a sustained damage build I would probably use more dots like Locust Swarm for example, along with either stronger pets or other types of CC. Because with your build, your pets aren't strong enough to take a lot of damage and you don't have any CC to compensate. It might be OK to have pets that weak if you had CC, but your pets won't survive if they're tanking a lot of damage.
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    I could see this build being useful in a party situation - summons.
    This would fail very quickly as a solo build.

    Haunt's damage over time is slow. That's really your only source of controllable/reliable damage.
    Don't count on sacrifice dogs because Summon Zombie Dogs carries a heavy Cooldown.

    Casting Soul Harvest is a tricky feat that will bring you into the action/fire. Consider adding a skill for either CC or close range.

    If followers still dealt heavy damage this build might work great solo.
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    I completely agree with you on my lack of CC, I decided to replace Soul Harvest with Yellow Toad, 15% chance on hit to confuse enemies on a low cost spamable spell should be sufficient.!dgW!aZYYaZ
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