Alternative TR/Bell build (budget build and can be used to farm higher MP's too)

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    There is lot of different TR/Bell builds around,best guide for basics and diff builds can be found at did great job there.

    The build I will write about today is just 1 more alternative 2hander build that focuses on high crit chance and high HP(around 50k Hp will be good start),also very low all resist and attack speed(common for 2hander TR/bell build) which makes it decent budget build(all resist gear is very expensive)

    The build focus is on stuns from bells(wave of light-blinding light rune),reason you need high crit chance.Because of low all resist and low attack speed you need decent HP pool(around 50k is good start) and decent self-healing.
    Hier is my profile:,you can see the build and mediocore set of gear,in case I use diff build ,hier is link for build!Zcd!YZYYZY
    I use fleet footed passive for fast essence farming(usually farm on MP8),but for fresh level 60 monks(budget build) I would use STI instead for extra armor(I found STI much better then OWE)and more survivability .

    Gear wise there is couple must have pieces:Inna's radiance with spirit regen and life per spirit spent (40-60 is optimal for self-healing),stone of jordan 20-30% bonus vs elites and 6-7% increased critical hit chance on wave of light(20-30% depends on budget),Skorn with Life steal and 2 pieces of natalya's set for 7% crit chance(ring and boots).also highly recommend using 4 piece of inna's set(helm,belt,pants and chest).

    even with budget build you should have 50% crit chance on wave of light.All resist you will get from boots and shoulder(wile ward is good choice for budget build)+any other items(depends on budget),attack speed you get only from inna's pants and natalya's ring(8% on both for budget build).you need high HP,most of that comes from helm,shoulders,bracers,chest and gloves( and as much you can get from inna's pants and belt),for fresh lvl60 monks(budget gear) I would get some vitality on natalya's boots/ring (means low dex on boots,no crit chance on ring).to get high crit chance you need helm with 6% crit chance,amulet with 9-10% crit chance(and as much crit damage as you can afford),bracers 5-6%,gloves 8.5-10% and you get 1% from inna's pants and belt and you get 5% base crit chance.This should get you to 43-44% crit chance and +6-7% from stone of jordan will get your wave of light to 50+% crit chance).you don't need much spirit regen on inna's helm an stone of jordan(because of low attack speed),1.4-1.5 spirit regen is plenty.fully buffed(with templar and his inspire ability and mantra of healing you should have higher spirit regen then attack speed in ratio 10:1(I have 12.17 spirit regen and attack speed 1.18) to have enough spirit for infinite TR.Crit damage comes from amulet and skorn(and gloves if you can afford some on it) for budget build,this should bring you to 350-400+ crit damage with radiant star emerald in skorn.

    Game play focuses on 2 spirit builders(fist of thunder and sweeping wind),so long you have enough spirit to cast bells(wave of light),which will be 70 spirit you need to cast it to get stuns rolling (and heal yourself with Life steal from skorn and life per spirit spent from helm),you can move with TR to avoid arcane beams,poison polls..etc and you have serenity as last resort to stay alive if needed.

    I did some research on gold AH(america region) and this is what I found for budget gear:

    helm: Inna's radiance(139 dex,41 vitality,spirit regen 1.68,life per spirit spent 48,crit hit chance 6%)

    Shoulders: Vile Ward (198 dex,67 vitality,all resist 75)
    price: 1.1 m

    Bracer: Rare bracer (91 dex,152 vitality,5.5% crit hit chance)
    price: 1.5 m

    Gloves: rare gloves (55dex,153 vitality,crit hit chance 9.5%,crit hit damage 30%)
    Price: 2 m

    Chest: Inna's Vast Expanse(126 dex,153 vitality,12% life)
    Price: 4 m

    Pants: Inna's Temperance(94 dex,108 vitality,8% attack speed)
    Price: 5 m

    Belt: Inna's Favor (96dex,83 vitality)
    Price: 2 m

    Amulet: rare amulet(72 dex,44 vitality,crit hit chance 9%,crit hit damage 48%)
    Price: 1 m

    Boots: Natalya's bloody footprints (165dex,48 vitality,all resist 77)
    Price: 3.5m

    1st Ring: Natalya's Reflection(89 dex,86 vitality,8% attack speed(no crit chance,price goes to 15-20 m with it,optional with bigger budget))
    Price: 800k

    2nd Ring: Stone of Jordan (5% fire damage,spirit regen 1.77,bonus vs Elites 25%,increase critical hit chance of wave of light 7%)
    Price: 5m

    Weapon: Skorn (1294 damage,312 dex,5.9% life steal,Crit hit damage 173%)
    Price: 8.8 m

    Total price for full set of gear: 35.6 m

    This set of gear should bring you to close to 50k HP(with amethyst-18%life in helm),51% crit hit chance of wave of light,401% crit hit damage(with radiant star emerald in skorn) and easy capable of doing MP4-5 fast farming.Any fresh monk would focus on crafting to upgrade gear(if on low budget) and this is perfect build for fast essence farming (vault of the assassin is perfect spot for it,just killing elites).
    I know prices vary from region to region and also different prices on AH every day,but this should give new player/low budget players some guidance of what similar gear you can get for similar price(need to be patient sometimes) if you are looking for budget set of gear.With better gear and more damage/HP/all resist you can go higher MP then 5 with ease.

    This is just another slightly diff build and set of gear needed for it,hope somebody will find it useful,mostly new/fresh lvl60 players or somebody willing to try something different.
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    Just started paragon power leveling my 2nd monk,Here is profile(I changed mantra of healing and fleet footed for STI and mantra of conviction-overawe for MP10):
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    do you have some video of your gameplay ? really wished to see this working
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    unfortunately I play on old mac which don't let me run anything else apart from game(to have decent framerate),but if you wanna have game or 2 with me,just whisper me in game.My battletag is HAMDA#1196 or just type in general or trade channel /who and if you see name HAMDA,just click on it and whisper me.I play on american region.
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    I assembled TR/Bell stun build giveaway set,If you play on american region and interested in set,check
    Winner will be announced on september 22nd.
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