Pick 2x New Weapons for my MP10 Monk Please

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    I am so tired of my LS EF and chasing mobs around that I need advice badly. I have though of having a WKL LS + 1h Rare LS/CD/OS/DEX and I just can't come to a conclusion.


    Suggestions would be great, my budget is around 5billion for each or If I keep my 1h axe than 10b for the other.
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    On your budget its more a matter of whats availible on the market. When in your shoes i would go for:

    Spear for mainhand with high dps, ccd, ls, socket and dex. Not sure for how much those are traded outsided ah. But im pretty sure you wont find a realy good one on gold ah anymore on us servers. Maybe you are lucky if you refresh ah for some days every few seconds and find that awesome deal...:P

    Offhand is more a matter of what kind of build youll stick with. A wkl is pretty solid if you stick with the cookie cutter lightning skill based builds. If you want to be more independent in terms of your build i would go for a good rare. Proberly a sword for the faster attackspeed.

    Oh and you should make up your mind if you wanne run 1 or 2 ls weapons. You should pull enough dps and ehp even on your low paragon level to get around with 1 ls weapon. How ever i prefer double ls. Using just 1 ls wep gives more room on what you prolly find on the market and gets you a higher dps in trade off for farming safety.
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    Holy amount of gold Batman!

    For TC/Cyclone stuff just use 1h sick Rare with CHD/LS/Socket/Dex ( spear/mace, maybe axe if u cant find ) and a WKL with LS. ( just buy two of them bitches one with CHD and one with LS , socket obv ).

    For any other build just get 2x sick rares if u cannot stand EF.

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