Life per Spirit Spent

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    First, this kind of gear isnt very effective. Most people i know that use the gear cant do more than mp4 or 5.

    Secondly, i believe with this new patch coming out that maybe Blizz is trying to instigate a new build diversity with monks by the "increased damage" to spirit spenders. Unfortunately, the gear will still be crap compared to other gear unless they up the amounts of life gained per spirit spent. It never did scale very well after act 2 Hell imo.

    It kind of irks me that monks only get life with spirit spent when i look at how barbs get invincibility with fury spent in the form of perma WOTB. On that note, i dont want my monk to be a barb. But i dont want a 3rd life regeneration perk either. LOH and LS gear is already expensive as it is. But i would think it would be awesome to be able to gain some kind of perk to some skill(s) rather than gain more life. Otherwise, monks will probably just keep using snapshot builds and continue to piss other classes off until we're not having to pick between survival or super-glass cannon dps builds.

    Cant wait to hear some thoughts on this. I'm all for Blizz fixing the class too
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    An easy solution could be: Allow lifesteal to roll on spirit stones.
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    that would be nice, but they'd make it so you have to choose between the skill modifiers or lifesteal most likely
    heavymetal#1322 (wiz) (monk)
    my twitch feed (just messing around, no super player or anything)
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    ATM Inna┬┤s Radiance havin 4 affixes and 2 random properties. Just add lifesteal as a fifth and drop down to 1 random prop. Sure you you have to choose between lets say higher stats or something like res, skill bonus what ever but i would be fine with that...
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