My monk feels too glass cannon, looking for gear advice to up survivability

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    First off heres my armoury, sorry my post count is to low to post a link

    My dps feels like its in a nice place, but between cooldowns I can get really squishy against certain packs
    I would also like to up my vit enough so I can regem my gear for dex.

    Any tips on where and how I can up my survivability? I know in general I could do with more double res, vit and +armour, but I'm not sure where to start.

    Many thanks.
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    My monk (alt) is similar to yours in a lot of ways, but with twice as much health and about 2k life on hit. New rings and amulets can have a lot of life on hit these days (600+ amulet, 400+ per ring). Upgrade your vit gems to Star at least (my monk has crappy gems, but she's an alt), get new rings/ammy with life on hit and you'll probably feel better. Also it depends on what MP you're going for. My monk's DPS is only good enough for MP3 or 4 or so, but her survivability is good. Molten causes issues for me, arcane not as much, desecration is fine if I'm only in 1. Here's my monk's armory:

    Also you might want to consider the Resolve passive. It's worked well for me.
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    I would buy decent rares instead of badly rolled legendaries. Your health is very low, but should be ok if you farm MP0 or MP1. Don't go higher with the MP, it's a waste of time if you just want to farm efficiently.
    My monk Vin
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    Currently going for MP4, can do MP3 practically blindfolded, but some elite packs in MP4 cause me grief.

    Was thinking about getting LoH on a new ammy, the 5% Life Steal(0.4% in Inferno) I already have doesn't seem to cut it at MP4 or higher, even at 75k dps with a Sweeping Wind casted at 130k (Blinding Flash buff)

    As far as Resolve goes, I was using it pre-nerf, but I find a shorter cooldown on my Serenity has been more effective at keeping me alive.

    Of course maybe I could just try being more proactive in avoiding desecrator/molten/arcane, because other than when theres 2 or more of those on a pack MP4 is fairly smooth
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    The reason I'm doing higher MP is because I'm currently going for Keys/Plans off the Keywardens

    EDIT: Upgraded my ring to a better one with some Vit, definitely already noticed a difference
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