Looking for advice on a drop.

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    I had a Manticore drop tonight (from a dead adventurer outside of Leoric's Manor!).

    (I can't post a link, but this is a screen shot of it )
    (1122.7 DPS, +199 dex, IAS 11%, 72% CHD, 2 sock)

    My DH is only a plvl 1 and hasn't started act 2 inferno yet, and I don't really play her much. So looking at the AH I could probably get around 200 million, or $50 RMAH (US server).

    Do these prices seem right?

    Did I just hit the jackpot? (I've never had more than 10 mil and I spent that quickly on budget upgrades for my monk)

    Is this the primo weapon for DH? Should I sell it for the 200mil or would I be better off just keeping for whenever I do decide to play the DH again? I've found plenty of legendaries before tonight, just never one that seems to have so much potential.

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    Not sure what it's worth, just do a search in the auction house but I will say those 2 socket ones with high crit are valuable
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    If your unsure you can always just put a bid, without buyout price on it
    but ya, should be quite valuable
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    I wouldn't hold on to it for later. I've been writing down prices for items I want but can't afford and returning a couple weeks later to see the prices have dropped drastically. Sell it before the value drops or start using your DH now.
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    Thanks for your help guys!
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    Weird question, on this could you put 2 perfect emeralds for a bonus of 200% crit dam?
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    sure you can...200% CD added, that's why this is so famous...
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