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    I have an average geared maybe just below average barb. The descent gear I have was actually given to me by as my wife put it my in game sugar daddy who has since quit playing. So my question is what do I need to change or attempt to get as far as gear.

    I'm a casual player and honestly no were near rich. The most gold I have had was three million thanks to the kind previously mentioned person.

    Thanks for any guidance you fellow barbs can provide me.

    Sorry my first post. Can't link yet
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    Honestly, the best thing to do is just play the game until the next itemization patch. Gear that would be noticeably more powerful than your current gear is going to cost you more gold than you've ever had.

    Still, if you want some kind of trophy to aim for:

    get an IK chest with more vitality, Ice Climbers with more vitality, Mempo of Twilight with crit, upgrade all your gems, look for a 1400+ Skorn with 300 vit/ 300 str and 190% crit damage, and keep crafting for better and better items.
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    - New IK Belt

    Either with a usefull 2nd resist or vitality/%life roll. Those dont cost a fortune. Prolly less then 500k gold.

    - New IK Chest

    Some with higher vit+str and a usefull 2nd resist are less then 1ml.
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    Thanks for the ideas. I keep hoping I will find something that will get me some riches, but I seem to always find the same crappy andrials visage and some wizard wand that blows lol.

    I do have a crap echoing fury .23 attacks increase, no socket and under 1000 dps. Would it be worth my time and money to try and craft a axe for my main hand or stick to my skorn?

    Thank you again. I'm open to any further thoughts as well.
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    IMO crafting lv62 weapons is NOT worth it. You need at least 4 prefer 5 affixes to make it worth something.

    - min/max Dmg
    - % weapon dmg
    - os
    - ccd
    and lifesteal on top

    The odds to roll something with like 1k dps are pretty small. I think datmodz crafted 1k lv62 swords recently and he got one decent out of 1000 crafts. Not to mention he spend approx 1,5bil for those 1k crafts. :>

    Crafting is like heading the casino. Its more likely you will lose it all instead of gettin rich. :P
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    Thanks. I'll stay away from blowing the little cash i have on crafting that then :)

    Speaking of crafting should i attempt to roll vit shoulders with str or sit on the pair i have? i seem to be lacking in hp and if i could i would like to get a ruby back in my helm. i will shop for the IK pieces that are better also to help the hp.
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    With your current shoulders and other gear I definately don't recommend crafting shoulders (regardless of if it's str or vit shoulders) or any other type of crafting for that matter. Save your demonic essences and crafting materials for later.

    When upgrading gear, my main concern is that the upgrade is either very cheap (sniped for almost free, or can resell current item for almost as much) or very big (big gain in dps or defence). Big upgrades will usually be expensive, so if you are on a tight budget try to get the realy cheap ones. Try placing bids on gear just as the auction ends (like 5 seconds, use a stop watch), if you do this enough times you will get decent gear almost free.

    Your defensive values are pretty good, you need to focus on increasing dps. In the long run you want to get neck and bracers with higher CC but the ones you have are fine for now, as are the pants. The Skorn and the shoulders are your best pieces, you'll be keeping those for a long time.

    In your case try upgrading your helm, chest, belt and boots to same item but with usefull random roll. Each of those four items has one random roll each, and you got thorns on two and single resist (poison/arcane) on the other. That's about as bad as you can ever get. At least try to get +armor or physical resist, or some vitality (especially on the chest). For helm I wouldn't settle for anything else than a 6% CC one

    I would also look to upgrade those IK gloves, they have two random rolls and you have attack speed and globe bonus. For a 2h rend build the attack speed isn't very useful, much better if it had crit damage. And just about any other roll is better than globe bonus, plus they have realy low str (it goes from 90 to 200, and you have 94.....). Getting two good random rolls AND high str is expensive, so I recommend looking for 10% CC, 40+ CD, 170+ str, and not mind if the 2nd random roll is crap since those gloves will beat your current ones by miles and miles.

    Rings: since you aren't using a ruby in helm you might as well skip the Hellfire ring and get a proper rare ring instead. Look for a ring with high CC (preferably 6%), high CD (40+) and average damage (like +30-50 or similar). With those stats it doesn't even need any str on it, it will be a huge dps boost and such rings are usually a lot cheaper than rings with str on them.

    I honestly think that your number one concern at the moment isn't gear, it's gaining paragon. More paragon = more magic find = better drops = get rich quicker. Maxing out paragon will give you 162 str and 108 vit for free.

    Keep doing act 1 runs (woods-hollows-field, repeat) in 4-player games, preferably with a conviction mantra monk and a cm wizard. Use as high MP as possible, but where you don't die all the time (maybe 1-2 times per run) and that still lets you finish off elites reasonably fast (around 20 seconds max). Find a good team and just farm farm farm, you will be getting good drops eventually.
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    Only using the gem I was to boost my life up some. I would much rather have a ruby in my helm. I'll switch it back and hunt for upgrades to my current items.

    I typically play solo, never have good luck finding groups that are decent. I'll try again and see if things have improved with my group luck

    Thanks for the advice
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