Need advice on upgrades (55m)

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    Hey guys,

    I recently was fortunate enough to get a pretty good drop and sold it for ~55m.

    With that I'm looking to deck out my barb, i currently farm Act 3 Mp2 for drops, not sure if this is most effective but seems to work for me. I play a rend barb with revenge and WoTB and Cleave.

    I can't post links yet, but this should be enough :)

    Any advice?

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    Well there is lots of things you could buy. IK belt? You could get lots of more strenght + life steal + IK set bonus. Or new amulet with crit chance+crit dmg. Or boots with movement speed and more str? Or bracers with more str + crit chance.
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    better gems at least
    i hope u find those vilewards yourself because with what u spent on that alone u afford a set that is much better than what you have
    since u have money you want 12% movement speed on boots. IK boots are plenty around 2m buyout, choose one with close to max resist and a useful random roll. if u wanna spend more armor is reasonable, str/vit above 100 are just too much for such little increase they offer

    i would definitely start with chest pants and belt because those are quite rubbish. you can get better ones for 200-300k on US realm.
    chest and pants u want big VIT (150+) because it rolls up to 300 here, look for less str but 2-3 sockets (you can reduce the socket and increase the str/vit). if u have enough vitality (and AR) then u can forgo it on you glove and bracer because those slot can give you so much dps increase.
    bracer 5-6% crit 150str is cheap, add AR and vit there it gets crazy adjust the value as you need. high 30k hp is good for u with enough AR. thats why u really want AR and vit where you can find them without hurting ur dps.
    belt 230str 100vit 70+ AR mighty belts are cheap as peanuts and those are better than what you have. add in LS there is a different ball game. if you want LS, IK belt 170+str is as low as 300k in US realm, armor ones you can get 800k or sometime less. of course with IK pieces they are usually with low or no VIT.
    at least a crit on amulet u want 8.5% or more and average damage. try to look for crit damage or IAS to pair crit. you can find pretty decent amulet sometimes for a good price.
    mine cost 500k, maybe it is a steal I am sure that these usually cost around 1m
    just be patient with your purchases. now I am looking for amulet upgrade all of them is 2m+ and just with little upgrades there is really not much point, I am just gonna keep farming low MPs for rares to sell then buy trifecta. same with my rings. I probably replace my helm for 200str+ version.
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    Thanks for your help guys, i'll look into them. I do agree to be patient with purchases though :)

    I had bought the Vile Ward for 1.2m i think, I didn't think they were that bad :\
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    no it wasnt bad vile wards but if can get 200+str 100+vit 70AR plus affixes that u want for the same money. at least you didn't overpay them. i was expecting u paid 2-3m for it
    you could consider good unity/litany of the undead/wailing host for 50m too i you want to splurge on 1 item
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    Thats my barb. You could easily buy equiv to that for under 55mil. Not that its SUPER amazing but its pretty efficient for the build set up. With Scoundrel i run like 55% crit chance and i think about 430% crit damage. A bit low on IAS (thinking zero lol) but I hit fairly hard. I do run a few different pieces for speed runs (farming/xp) on MP1/2, which includes 24% move speed and 12+ pickup radius. Getting 12% move speed is big, but getting up to 24% is amazing for speed runs. If youre just looking to run around at a moderate rate and smash the hell out of things, grab more crit hit chance and crit hit damage. In my opinion, having nice IAS isnt that great if youre hitting like a noodle. Though that may not be optimal for youre build, as i've never played it. But as previously said, picking up IK belt for the +str +LS +res +fury will be decent. I picked mine up for like 500k or so (not an amazing one since it has no vit, but i have plenty vit from other sources). Your pants should generally have decent str 80+ give/take and HIGH vit, 140+ as well as 80 all res and 2-3 sockets. Grabbing a Mempo of Twilight helm is always a good start to get your hp up as well. You would lose a bit of crit chance (since the crit ones are pretty expensive) but you can grab a life% +ias socket 170str and 80 all res and socket for like 4-6mil. I hate to sit here and make a huge wall of text so read below for TL;DR...

    You can either splurge on one BADASS item and have a hard time replacing it... Or grab pretty much a full set of gear that will increase your paper DPS by about 30-50k as well as HP and survivability. Also, I would emphasize on leveling your paragon level as much as you can, as fast as you can. The drops will come when youre leveling, you dont need to get into the highest MP# possible, even most people with amazing gear stick to lower MP to keep the speed up. Hit me up in game (Papichulo#1307) if you want to 1on1 some. Ill research your build and check the stat weights for it to give you accurate info as well.

    us(dot)battle(dot)net/d3/en/profile/papichulo-1307/hero/12054867 (I cant post links yet so replace (dot) with .)
    ( Not current as the profiles seem to pretty much never update -_- )
    I have upgraded gems and such for my regular set. As well as like 49k HP.
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    I would say a IK-belt aswell, to get that +60 All res, and you get lifesteal on it aswell.
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    Alright guys, so i've spent about 18m on getting these upgrades so far.

    I do want to get movement speed but i'm weighing up whether to get it through Tyrael's Might + Fire Walkers or to just get firewalkers and then get a chest which would be more vitality heavy as opposed to strength.

    Any thoughts?
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    Thanks for your help guys.

    I've finished working on the barbs gear to the point where im happy, 38k hp 130k and around 500 AR :)
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