WW Barb gearing advice

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    I have a general understanding of the stats I want for my WW barb and what pieces need upgrading (missing a lot of crit on rings/ammy/gloves) but I'm a little confused on what order I should start purchasing things in.
    I only have 35k paperdoll dps and I've heard I should be transitioning to lifesteal when I'm closer to 70k, but isn't that number effected heavily by my off-hand dps which isn't relevant to tornado dps? Also are their certain pieces I should be looking to drop a lot of money on immediately? I've heard Inna's pants/lacuni bracs/lamentation are good, I'm assuming because they have crit and/or attack speed on them where you normally wouldn't see it on that piece.
    Don't have too much cash, a little under 20 mil, looking to upgrade some stuff that will allow me to farm faster but also want to buy things that will last well into my barb life if possible. Attempting to put profile link below not sure if it works.

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    I can't seem to go to your profile, something must be off. OR it might be my browser, but I need to look at your gear first before I can appraise the situation.
    Oh i know why now, it saids "hwttp..."
    Still error. lol

    nvm found your tag with the url.
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    Hm it works for me if I take out the w, added that because it wouldn't let me post links, not sure why there is an error =
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    What's your budget? Here is my barb and I'm currently farming mp5 efficiently

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    My budget is ~20 mil. I see you're using 5 set IK, I've heard from some people that it's amazing and others saying it is very over priced atm. At this point I couldn't afford even the worst IK chest piece so but I could look at the 2 or 3 piece until I acquire more gold.
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    Yes it's good mine could be better its mostly the cheap
    Parts with less strength but its still overpriced. I was lucky to get a few good drops to fund it.
    My weps do the job and keep my health and fury up with no issues. You could do with a mainhand with socket and crit dmg more crit damage the better for WW/tornado spec. I've gone for life leech now because im not far off the 75k dps where it becomes more effective. It's always good to have some on our weps anyways if possible.
    If you add me ill be home from work on Friday and will check my stash to see if I have any upgrades I can help you with
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    I'd get this if I were you:
    IK helmet with 90 STR and phys res
    IK belt with phys res
    IK gloves with phys res
    950 DPS main hand axe/mace with socket and 150+ STR
    700 DPS offhand with 500+ LoH, socket and some STR/Crit dmg
    get some better rings/amulets.

    Search for: Avg damage (it matters more than you think!) and STR. See if you can work in 2% crit on the rings and 7%+ crit on the amulet. Some %life or vit on these will also be good.

    Use the Bloodthirst passive for +3% life steal. That along with your belt should keep you alive.
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    Thank you for the advice I will look into some IK items and start upgrading my rings/ammy!
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