Gear Upgrade for Act 3

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    I am trying to get past my way in the barracks in the breaced keep quest in act 3 but even normal mobs like soul rippers and cleavers(the skeletons with heavy 2h axe) eat me alive not to mention elite/champion packs with ridicilous affixes. So it seems either my gear is insufficient and/or i need to change my perspective to gameplay. Would like any suggestions and recommendations, thanks.

    Here is my gear and spec:
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    In terms of equipment you should try to get more armor / hp / phys res (amulet alone can get you about 10k hp, same with shoulders / shield), you can easily drop some dps (in case you didnt equip your enchantress yet, do it, you can get her to 4k+ dps without spending a lot of money). And in terms of build, try using furious charge with dreadnought, helps a lot with keeping your hp up. Also only tank cleavers while your leap buff is up, otherwise they just kill you (annoying, I know, but there really is no other way).
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    Thats my stats, I just got owned about 30 times in Keep Depths Lvl 2. I considered buying Items with "Melee Dmg Reduction" but I'm not too sure if this will help.
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    Strength and vitality both seem a bit low should be possible to get them into the 1100-1200 range and try to get a few pieces with resist all + physical resist, replacing those 2 blues would help i recon. Melee dmg reduction isn't needed just a tad more armor/hp/physical resist will help you out, but if you get a good piece with melee reduction just take it can't hurt :)
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    These are my current items / stats (yes i got pretty lucky with some of these / paid a lot of money for others). This is just to give you an idea, you don't NEED these stats to succeed in A3, i have done it with less (you might have to do more kitng though). And even I could easily get 30k+ additional hp just by getting a better helm / belt / shield.

    Before you get any ideas, the Justice Lantern is not needed, high block% sure helps, but is not mandatory, personally i would rather have a ring with life% / AR / Vit / Str.
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    just replaced my legs and gloves and sacrificed a bit dps but managed get resistances, vitality and a bit armor my next goal will be a shield i guess. Yours is quite amazing
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    Happy if I was able to help, if you (or anyone else for that matter) have any questions that were not already answered in this or other threads you can always pm me.
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    Try using this spec:!Veb!aZaccc

    That spec seems to work really well for me in act 3, give it a try! I started using seismic slam in act 2, and it suddenly became so much easier

    I just cleared the ballistae part with it with just 4 deaths, 2 of which were really early on untill i realized i had to avoid some of the nasty stuff.

    My gear: 697 resi with war cry, 40k health and 8.5k dps
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