AH Before Inferno - Need Help

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    I'm 60, now i'll start inferno!
    What should i buy from the AH?
    What should be the priorities of my armor? All resist? Str or Vit? And about weapon?
    Sword & Board is better?

    Gold: 650k only

    So, I need some advice on what to buy! Because i have no idea!

    Thanks and sorry for my enlighs :)
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    No matter what you buy, here's a tip:
    Items appear in AH in bulks every 5 minutes. So fill in your desired stats like 100str, 100vit, 40k buyout max. And refresh AH every 5 minutes. If you are lucky, you can get good rare items really cheap, but you must buyout them fast, because people buy them in a flash. I got rare boots 100dex 64vit and some resistance along with gold pickup radius for 1000 gold yesterday (yes, one thousand gold). Of course you are not guaranteed to find great items, but you will be amazed how cheap you can get some decent gear.
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    A high dps weapon. You need to burn the Butcher in 3min. After that, build up vit and resists. At least, that's worked for me in a1. A2 on the other hand, just don't ask ;)
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    Yep, for now i'll focus only on A1 :P
    Btw thx for tips! :D
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    Can i ask for some stats on armor priority? I know good (big dps) 2h is a must but on armor?
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    As someone stated above, aim to hit about 300-350 for all resists without your warcry. This is pretty easy to accomplish with +all Resists on a couple items. I spent about 250k on 5 items a couple days ago to hit that point. Try to find some inexpensive pieces with at least str or vit on them too if you can. Avoid getting items with only the resist stat if you can. You can survive just fine with around 30k hp, around 5k armor with warcry up, and the 350 resists (becomes around 500 with shout if you use the resist rune).

    You'll want to have a good weapon too, try to aim for at least 10k damage on your character sheet if you can manage. Before I tried this method, I was using 1h + Shield, had 6k armor, 40k hp, and around 7k dps, but only around 100 resists and I was getting absolutely rocked, not only by blue/yellow packs, but by medium sized white mob packs. I had to resort to kiting just about everything to even hope for kills. Now that I've changed it up, act 1 is a breeze. Only a couple rare pack combos give me trouble.
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    Hope it helps


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