Barbarian For fyrst choice

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    How many barbarian Fans are out there tell me what you mostl look forward to!

    my answere is close mele combat action ! and dual weilding :)
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    I have always made the "barbarian" type class in every game that has a "barbarian" option. It has been my favorite class to play especially since they are a melee type class. I just love the idea of being devastating up close while managing to take a few hits. And a big bonus to barbarians is when you use awesome looking weapons it looks more awesome than using a staff or a stick.
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    I'm a barbarian fan! I'm playing a barbarian because I love being up close and smashing my enemies to bits. And as the guy above me said, I love having awesome looking weapons as well. I also love the skills barbarians have, leap, bull rush and all those "smash the ground and kill everything"-skills. :D
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    I will start with a demon hunter first at release. After that with a barb. Why? I want to rush to inferno fast. I think that goes better with a ranged character but I will collect barb items underway. So I will also make a barb shortly after the demon hunter. Further little more wait and then we all can play.
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    I love the look of the hulking giant with huge armor. I like the big warrior that as he progresses gets bigger and bigger armor and makes him look like a tank. It may play into the stereotypical male power fantasy, but getting fancier robes just isn't the same.
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    Always loved being a warrior/berserker/barbarian type of class in any game I played. For some unknown reason I disliked playing ranged classes.

    Barbarian in Diablo 3, just imagine, you are literally impaling/cutting/slashing/punturing/crushing hordes of demons and prime/lesser evils. You leap at them, take swings at them, hurl your weapon. Man, it will be a huge thrill.

    And it's not any melee I like, Rogue/assasin/monk like agile sneaky and most likely fragile classes never applead to me. They may not be fragile, but the fact that they look fragile just makes me dislike them. I prefer a bulky muscled bloodthirsty brawler appleas to me alot more.
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    barbarian got for me what he didnt have in D2, i wish to say, fun ! when i played it in D2 i like it but i didnt found the fun that it seems to have in d3!
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    It wont be my first choice. But it definitely will be one of my best characters. As a d2 fan i can safely say that this class brings back some happy memories and sad ones of being hacked.... But still Yeah i think as a first class it could easily be a good thing to do.
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    Easy choice! Dw barb with a lot of AOE based spells(abilities?). Really like the way barbarians can mash through most things. Although the main reason i go barb since the playstyle suits me more.
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    I'm a huge Barbarian fan! I love the sheer brute-force aspect and have always loved the in-your-face playstyle.

    I was the original 'throw' barbarian, at least on US servers that I know of... I love finding a way to play a character spec that was previously considered un-viable. Of course, I had to portal-shop for days upon days to find my 'cruel' throwing javelins before I could even consider making the build... okay sorry, got a little nostalgic there for a second.

    I also love the Barbarian community. On way back in the day, we had the best by far (in my opinion) forum community - respectful, creative, and active. Man... the memories. Anyone around from there? Anyone remember me?

    Phreek-OG.. I think my orginal throw barb's name was Chuck-OG. Seems so long ago...
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