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Suggestions For New Rift Guardians Wanted

Grimiku is collecting ideas for new Rift Guardians on the official forums and while most of them won't make it into the game, he seems to be intrigued by some like the Kadala and Deckard Cain suggestions.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

This subject has a lot of potential to be a really fun community discussion. Personally, I love the nostalgia involved with bringing back some of those old bosses, but I know there are a lot more ideas out there.
So, lets hear 'em. What are your ideas for Nephalem Rifts, and/or Rift Guardians?
I was just catching up on all of the suggestions and ideas in this thread. The idea of a version of Kadala as a Rift Guardian is awesome, and I really like the thought of evil ghost Cain as a boss, too. Of course, there are plenty of other cool ideas in here, too, like special events, classic bosses, memorable areas from previous games, cross-franchise appearances from iconic characters. 

I'll compile a big list of feedback and send it on up. Thanks, everyone!

I should note that right now these are just ideas I'm compiling, and this isn't any sort of guarantee that they'll be implemented. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea that just because I happen to like an idea that it means it will (or even should) be implemented.
Where the twist is that you or one of your party member is the rift boss.
I'd have a lot of fun just thinking of witty things to say at the moment that I get to reveal the truth to my unsuspecting party. Of course, if it started with a Luigi death stare I wouldn't have to say anything.

Blizzard Looking For Feedback On 'Leaderboards' and Competition

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

This is a very nice thread and I would love to hear your feedback on such 'leaderboards'. Right now I can see some options there that seem like a summary of a 'Rift run' as well.
With tiered Rifts and Seasons slated for patch 2.1- it would be great if you could share how you feel about potential rivalry in Rifts with those features in place and how would you see the 'leaderboards concept' taking these 2 features into account.

Apart from Diablo ladders I have also played a lot of StarCraft II and even Brood War back in the days and personally cannot wait to see how seasons/ladders will work out in Diablo III - there is definitely great potential for fun there if competition is your thing!

We're happy to see that you like Rifts and are interested in ways to make them even more entertaining in a competitive way!

Google337's T6 MM Fire Wizard Guide

Google337 has created a very informative thread about his Magic Missile-based Wizard build. He describes it as 'pure DPS Sheet+Fire Elemental Dmg build' and notes that the core of the build is 'Super Tanky & great bonus damage for Vs Elite and very high elemental fire dmg overall'. Check his thread in case you'd like to see all the info and if you'd like to ask some clarifying questions.

New Short Story: "Turn of a Card"

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

"Nerissa finished the cup of wine and fumbled it back to the table. She picked up the velvet box, displaying it proudly, and opened the top. The contents glittered.  'I have my jewelry,' she replied with as much dignity as she could muster, 'and some of these pieces have been in my family for generations. This one, for example'—and she lifted out a filigree comb of spun gold with a single large sapphire—'was given to my grandmother on her wedding day. Or this,' she said as she carefully withdrew a stiletto, the sheath dotted with three rubies, 'was kept by my great-uncle when he was at court. It's really just a showpiece, but he fancied himself quite the soldier.' She laughed self-deprecatingly but found herself in an unsettlingly steely gaze from Carlotta. She returned the knife to the box and waited for the old woman to speak."
 "'No,' the crone breathed, her eyes never leaving Nerissa's. 'No, I think we should play for more… significant stakes.' She waved away Nerissa's stammering objection with a tiny movement of one hand. 'I think we should play for the most significant stakes of all. What, my dear, would you want more than anything else in this world?'"

The newest addition to the Diablo lore archives, "Turn of a Card," is now available in the Game Guide! Written by Robert Arjet, this unsettling tale centers on Nerissa, a destitute member of Westmarch's high society who will do anything to reclaim her family's riches… even wager all that she holds dear. For more heroic tales, be sure to explore the short stories for our iconic classes and characters, available here:


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