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Learning to Maximize Your Build

YouTuber Unexpected Deus has made a detailed and easy to understand guide on what different attributes bring to the table for your heroes. It is in the form of a presentation and covers A LOT of ground in its 11 minutes duration. Let us know if anything in the video was helpful to you and your char.

[D3] - On the Edge of Reality Achievement Guide!">On The Edge Of Reality Achievement Guide

[D3] - On the Edge of Reality Achievement Guide!">SignsOfKelani contributed with a guide about Act 5's "On The Edge of Reality" achievement. It spans three maps: Battlefields of Eternity, Pandemonium Fortress Level 1 and Level 2. If you're interested in grabbing the achievement while taking a break from Rifts, this video guide is definitely going to be useful to you.

Here is a list of the main points that SignsOfKelani made himself:

Battlefields of Eternity

  • The War That Time Forgot - Timeless Prison, edges of map.
  • The Time Trap - Timeless prison, edges of map.
  • The Demonic Prisoner - Timeless prison, huge stairway, edges of map.
  • A Diversion - Middle areas of map.
  • The Great Weapon - Middle areas of map.
  • Resurrection - Occupied Ruins (Dungeon in Battlefields of Eternity).

Pandemonium Fortress, Level 1

  • Brutal Assault - Cursed chest, proximity triggers event.
  • Demon Prison - Crystal prison event, find Nephalem Spirit
  • Leap of Faith - Cursed chest, proximity triggers event.
  • Judgment - Judge Unique, easily recognized event.
  • Demon Souls - Find two ghosts, have to talk to the ghost to trigger event.

Pandemonium Fortress, Level 2

  • Lost Host - Two angels fighting, triggers by proximity.
  • Ancient Prison - Crystal prison event, find Nephalem Spirit.*
  • Out of Time - Timeless Prison event, very common bounty.
  • The Crystal Prison - Crystal Prison event, find Nephalem Spirit.

TryHardEnmity's Frozen Torment Demon Hunter Build

TryHardEnmity demonstrated his Demon Hunter Build which he claims he "plows through Torment 1 & 2" with. He has put Elemental Arrow with the Frost Arrow rune, but you can see details on the build in his topic, in the video and the build itself under the video.


  • #1 Garain
    To be honest thats not plowing throug Torment 1 and how he´s playing torment 2 don't know how that is but should be worse then torment 2 , secondly yeah his spec works and gear is fine for group t1 , but then again using the word plowing would be like taking on normal with 700k dps + % dmg to elemental dmg and skill around 70% + nearly insta killing everything.
  • #2 Truth
    Yeah plow to me is rolling my 771k Barb with 134% fire damage in T1. Even t3 is fast for me. Guess thats why i am finding 5 - 10 legendarys in 1 hour.
  • #3 Extremity
    I don't understand how somebody "plowing through" T2 or T1 is front-page-worthy news? I mean even T3 is pretty ridiculously easy aside from a rough rare pack now and then. Show me a build that plows through 4, 5, 6 and I'll be interested, but until then I'll just keep twoshotting things as Fire.

    Oh yeah, and I've been playing with a fun build where you *generate* hatred with Rapid Fire and then consume with Cluster, so you're using a 'finisher' to generate and a 'finisher' to consume. It's pretty awesome. Once I get one more piece I really need for it it'll be solid for a majority of my play.
  • #4 insanitysfocus
    Please take down the Learning to Maximize Your Build video. This guy says something incorrect in literally every section of the video. Did you guys even watch it before endorsing it?
  • #5 Colix
    This build works great and (imo) way better then a fire build before you get the crucial items like cindercoat/magefist/kridershot.

    I use this build on torment 5 on HC. *using smoke screen + lingering fog / entangling shot +justice is served* (critting for 9m with every elemental arrow x11)

    I also think ambush is useless if you dont one shot white mobs becuase of it, because basicly its a 40% dmg increase for only 25% of the fight, using archery or single out would be a way bigger benefit for your clear.

    as a HC player I obviously use perfectionist instead of Blood Vengeance and I use sheete and the entangling shot to catch up with the hatred regen.

    I would for sure recommend this build before you get good fire items.
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