Diablo Heroes Preview, Reaper of Souls Fan Art Contest Ending Soon, Class Builds Collection - Part 3

Diablo Heroes Preview

An official preview of Diablo's universe presence in Heroes of the Storm was posted today. Nothing surprising so far, but if you'd like to stay updated with the latest HotS news, better check our sister site HeroesNexus.com

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)



Are you eager to wield the might of the fabled Sword of Justice, El'druin? Or perhaps you crave the feel of sowing fear into the hearts of your enemies as the Lord of Terror? Whether you wish to wield a sword, crossbow, mojo, or your bare claws, some of Sanctuary's finest will be available to take the fight to all who would oppose you in the Nexus!

Lightbox_Barbarian_Thumb.png Lightbox_DemonHunter_Thumb.png Lightbox_Diablo_Thumb.png

Lightbox_Tyrael_Thumb.png Lightbox_WitchDoctor_Thumb.png  

Which Diablo Hero are you most excited about?  Which others would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

Reaper of Souls Fan Art Contest Ending Soon

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Last month, we put out a call to artisans around the world to pick up their weapon of choice and craft for us a spectacular piece of fan art, one that would capture the Angel of Death or one of Sanctuary's six hero classes as they prepare for the upcoming conflict in Reaper of Souls. You've risen to our challenge with style and grace, surpassing our expectations and submitting some of the most epic fan art we've seen this side of New Tristram. 

However, time is now of the essence. The Diablo® III: Reaper of Souls™ Fan Art contest ends March 13, 2014, so be sure to get your entries in before it's too late! For additional details including how to enter, official rules, and prizing, head on over to the official contest page—or simply click the button below.

Good luck to all participants, and thank you for being a part of our wonderfully creative community. 

PS - Don't forget to share your works in progress and final creations with us on Twitter using the hashtag #D3DA!

Fire Barbarian Build

DFslet's Fire Barb Build is a very simple one and - as the name suggests - relies on Fire runes. He says it does 3.000.000+ damage, so why not test it and let us know how it went in his thread?

Lightning Demon Hunter Build

Bleu42 says he easily does T3 runs with the Lightning DH Build he shared on our Demon Hunter forums.

Thunder Monk Build

 N0k1_'s Thunder Monk Build allegedly works fine on Torment 3 and "if you're really careful" can be used for T4 runs. Check it out and if it suits your taste and current in-game goals, give it a chance.

Fire Wizard Build

Yet another elemental build and yet another fire one - this time it's Kioller's Wizard build. He included a video in his thread as well.

Ohms' Witch Doctor Build

Official Forums member Ohms' WD Build supposedly makes it pretty easy to go through Torment 4, but there are no confirmations for this yet. So why not be the first one to let us know how it went?


  • #1 dmist24
    It seems Diablo is the Diablo from D2! not the Leah one. Anyone notice it?
  • #2 lorien1973
    Get the legendary helm that makes pets do 95% more damage, and the humunculus (a dog every 4 seconds) and the passive that lets you have 4 dogs. Add gargantuan; acid cloud and grasp of dead. Easy peasy up to at least Torment 3. You can pretty much be passive too, especially if you add the fetish passive. Spirit walk as your oh crap button - and maybe locust swarm (locust swarm will be changed out for piranhas upon release).

    The only time I've lost even a single dog is at Diablo when they all stand in the fire. Other times, there are plenty of globes to keep them alive. And damage they'll output is amazing.

    On fights in large groups, you are active; but on a single target - 4 dogs, gargantuan and like 6 fetishes will rip em up.
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