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Reaper of Souls at BlizzCon 2013 on PC and PS4
BlizzCon is upon us and with it will come tons of information about everything Blizzard, including lots about Diablo III. For the first time the game will be playable on PS4, while the expansion Reaper of Souls will be available for the PC crowd. We also eagerly await some cool new announcements!

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue=' battle='']Malthael, the Angel of Death, grows restless. Having sieged the historic city of Westmarch, he now sets his sights on a new metropolis: Anaheim, California—the great gamer haven of the West. Soon, his forces will begin their march on the hallowed halls of BlizzCon and only you, mighty Nephalem, can defend its denizens and help put a stop to the coming apocalypse.

Are you ready?

Join the Crusade, November 8-9

Summon your allies, ready your best weapon, and prepare to make a stand against Malthael in Hall A of the Anaheim Convention Center.

With 300 PC demo stations at their command, attendees will have the opportunity to join the fight for Westmarch, seek fame and treasure in all-new Nephalem Rifts (previously called Loot Runs), and journey through Adventure Mode, where the world itself is your battlefield. All five of the original Diablo III classes will be playable, as well as the recently-unveiled Crusader, a fierce mid-range melee warrior who wields punishing weapons (and an even more punishing arsenal of spells and abilities).

Reaper of Souls Invades PlayStation® 4

We're also excited to announce that Diablo III: Reaper of Souls will be making its public debut on the PlayStation® 4 at BlizzCon 2013!

In our action-packed single-player and same-screen co-op demos, players will get to explore the haunted streets of Westmarch as one of our five original classes or test their mettle as the unyielding Crusader. Attendees will also be some of the first in the world to take on Death itself using a DUALSHOCK®4 controller, featuring touch pad technology designed to help keep heroes out game menus and focused on what they do best: killing monsters.

For those of you who are BlizzCon-bound, we salute you! If you can't make the show in person, be sure to check out the Virtual Ticket, which includes over 60 hours of high-definition footage so you can catch all the action from the comfort of your home.

Head on over to for panel schedules, event maps, hotel and travel information, forums, and more, and be sure to stay tuned to for all the latest news for Reaper of Souls on PC and PS4!

BlizzCon 2013 Map and Schedule
The schedule for this year's Blizzcon is up. You can also check out a nifty little timer and schedule based on your computer's clock over at!

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']BlizzCon 2013 is just over three weeks away! Whether you're joining us at the Anaheim Convention Center in person or viewing from home with the BlizzCon® Virtual Ticket, we've got a lot of fun and festivities lined up for you.
To help you form a plan of attack, we've just posted a schedule of the panels, eSports tournaments, and other events happening at BlizzCon on Friday and Saturday. You can also check out the floor map to get a lay of the land.

If you'd like to watch online, the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket grants you access to the events on the Main and Panel stages, along with this year's in-game goodies. We’ll also be broadcasting the opening ceremony and this year's eSports tournaments—including the StarCraft II WCS Global Finals—for free at Stay tuned for more information!

By the way, we have changed the name of our newest game for the third time. You can look forward to more information regarding Heroes of the Storm at BlizzCon!

Introducing: Design a Legendary
Ever wanted to help create a Legendary item that makes it into the game? Now's your chance! Blizzard is launching a campaign to create a Legendary item from a community idea and everyone will have a chance to help create said item. On top of that there will be many interesting blogs incoming about the process of creating a Legendary and implementing it into the game. Fun times are ahead!

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']

Have you ever wondered what kind of sweat, tears, and ritual sacrifice goes into designing a Legendary item in Diablo III? Or perhaps even entertained the idea of creating a Legendary of your own?

Well, hang on to your hauberks, Sanctuary, and ready your anvils. It’s time to get crafty.

The "Design a Legendary" Project

Inspired by the many passionate discussions we've seen about itemization (particularly Legendary itemization) in Diablo III, we wanted to take some time to expand on our evolving design philosophies and practices, as well as reiterate our goals for Legendaries in Reaper of Souls.

As we started to put our pens to the proverbial paper, though, we had an epiphany: "Hey, instead of just telling players about item design, why not actually show them?"

And so the Design a Legendary project was born.

So, How's It Work?

Over the next few months, we'll take you through the all the different design stages behind bringing a single Legendary item to life, from concept to creation to iteration, all the way through animation and implementation. We'll chat with each developer involved and share progress updates along the way, giving you a unique behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making a Legendary item that looks epic, feels epic, and fits within the larger network of hero skills, monster tuning, and overall game balance.

Pretty sweet, huh?

But wait -- that’s only one part of this project! (Oh snap.)

Tell Us More, Lylirra!

We'll also be involving you, our awesome community, in various parts of the design process. Leading up to release of Reaper of Souls, you'll have the opportunity to not only weigh in, but actually help guide development on a Legendary item that will be implemented and playable. We'll be holding global community votes, hosting podcasts, soliciting ideas, and even running a contest or two to ensure that this is truly a worldwide, player-driven initiative.
The result? We hope this activity will help give players a better understanding of everything that goes into item design, as well as wind up being something that's both fun and uniquely interactive. Also, once everything is said and done, there will be a Legendary item in the game that you had a hand in making. How cool is that?!

We'll be kicking off the first stage of this project next week, so stay tuned to and get ready to Design a Legendary!

Blizzard All-Stars Becomes Heroes of the Storm
The long awaited Blizzard MOBA games has been renamed to Heroes of the Storm! An official teaser video has been posted, which has a nice animation featuring an orc from World of Warcraft, Jim Raynor from StarCraft II and a Demon Hunter from Diablo III!

Not much information has been given so far, but you can start following the official Blizzard sites of Heroes of the Strom on its official site, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! Also check out some screenshots and information from Blizzard All-Stars shown on previous BlizzCons on Gamepedia!


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