1.0.8 Will Have a PTR, Clarification on Itemization and Legendary Items, Fan Creation of the Week: Eat Game Live, Curse Intervie

Curse Interview With Matthew Berger
Our very own Jess managed to track down Matthew Berger on PAX East and ask him a few questions! From the interview we've discovered that potions on console get automatically picked up! The same goes for corpses laying around on the ground - no more clicking those.

1.0.8 Will Have a PTR
No date as of yet.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I'm really looking forward to the monster density changes in patch 1.0.8 as well, but we don’t have any updates for the patch schedule yet. We should have some information to share about it soon, though, and are currently planning to do a PTR.

The item changes mentioned in the Itemization blog are not going to be in patch 1.0.8, and we don’t have any additional information regarding when they'll be implemented. We know people are eager to know more about when they can expect those changes, though, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we have more details.

Clarification on Itemization and Legendary Items
It's still not decided whether the Itemization change will bring new Legendary items or try and rework most old ones.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I do feel I need to clarify something though, before people build up crazy expectations; we will not necessarily get to see a lot of new legendaries added to the game, we simply cannot promise that at this point in time - as described in the Developer Journal update, we are looking into a "Less is More" model, where you will see fewer drops overall, but a much larger percentage of those drops will be interesting.

It is still too soon to say if the game changing legendaries will be all new ones, all reworked ones, or a mix of the two. When we do have this information, then we will of course let you know, but for now the only information we have on the future of itemisation is what have been posted in the Developer Journal update and of course the "Ask the Devs" answers on the topic of itemisation.

Fan Creation of the Week: Eat Game Live
This week's Fan Creation goes to Kierpanda and her awesome food blog! She even has an account on Diablofans and has put up some of her delicious looking dishes in here. Check her topic out!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Every able-bodied hero knows they shouldn't go adventuring on an empty stomach. But while Sanctuary contains a great number of recipes for exquisite gems and prestigious armor, there haven't really been any fit for a Nephalem's cookbook.

Until now.

This week's community spotlight showcases the culinary creativity of Kierpanda at Eat Game Live , who has assembled an impressive variety of gamer-inspired foods. Her recipes have reached into the Diablo and StarCraft universes and beyond, and they all feature step-by-step instructions so that you can recreate each dish in your very own kitchen.

Kierpanda was also nice enough to answer some pressing foodie questions we had for her:

Q. You’ve created almost a dozen delectable recipes inspired by a variety of video games. What got you started on your tasty blogging journey?
I always enjoyed cooking and taking photos of my creations, but I never considered blogging until my boyfriend encouraged me to start posting my photos and recipes online.

The recipes started with StarCraft II because I wanted to parallel the idea of build orders with cooking, but I quickly branched out to many other games.

Q. What’s your favorite Blizzard-inspired recipe you’ve created so far?
That is a very tough question! It's a tossup between the Horadric Hamburger and Terranmisu. I love the Horadric Hamburger because it’s actually in item in the Diablo III universe, but I also love Terranmisu because it’s a silly pun and I play Terran. I suppose the best answer is that the Horadric Hamburger is my favorite savory dish and Terranmisu is my favorite dessert.

Q. Which recipe was the most challenging?
Bunker Rush Banana Bread. Baking requires very precise measurements, so creating a bread recipe from scratch was very difficult for me. It took about five tries to create a Bunker Rush Banana Bread that worked.

Q. How long does it take for you to develop and perfect a recipe?
It can take a few hours to plan out a recipe from start to finish. Most of the time is spent on figuring out how to best represent the game in the food. Once the recipe is completely planned out, I grab all the ingredients and start cooking. If the recipe turns out well, then it gets added to the blog. If the recipe is a flop, then it's back to the drawing board.

Q. What’s your favorite part of the recipe-making, cooking, or final showcasing process?
I think each step is incredibly fun, but the final showcasing process is my favorite. The only problem is that I’m usually pretty hungry by the time I finish taking all of the photos!

Q. What inspires your recipes?
Gaming, of course! Inspiration can come from items, skills, maps, NPCs, bosses, etc. For example, Healing Wells look like a big boiling pot of soup. Even the names of items or characters can give me ideas. Typically, that results in very silly food puns.

Recently, I've started making recipes for streamers (such as Archon the Wizard ) and community members as well. I'm always open to suggestions, so if you've got a recipe idea, feel free to let me know!

Q. Do you have any other Diablo-themed delicacies in the works?
I'm currently working on a dish called "Healthy Globes," which will be quinoa-stuffed tomatoes. They're good and good for you, just like health globes!

As I mentioned in the previous question, Healing Wells remind me of soup, so a Diablo-themed soup will be in the works too.

A third idea is creating sushi rolls named after item stat rolls, such as the "vitality roll” or the “attack speed roll."

I also plan on creating dishes for all of the hero classes. I've done a recipe for Demon Hunters (Suppressive Fire Multishot Chicken ) and Wizards ( Archon’s Crit Mass Burritos ), but nothing yet for the remaining three. Don’t worry Monks, Barbarians, and Witch Doctors, I haven’t forgotten about you!
I'm going to be very, very busy…

Q. When you’re not busy keeping Sanctuary well-fed, what hero class do you play in Diablo III?
My main is a Demon Hunter. I'm still trying to get to Paragon 100, but I'm currently being distracted by this thing called Heart of the Swarm.

Q. What tips do you have for aspiring chefs out there?
If you're a beginner, I suggest taking it slow and try creating on some easier dishes, such as scrambled eggs or burgers. Cooking a meal from start to finish may seem very overwhelming, but once you practice and get used to working in the kitchen, the entire process becomes natural. It's similar to gaming in the sense that cooking requires a lot of multitasking, which is why I try to encourage fellow gamers to cook for themselves.

Once you get comfortable with cooking, then it’s time to experiment. Try different types of ingredients and different methods of cooking.

Finally, one of the most important things in cooking is to stay sanitary! Keep your hands and your utensils clean and always avoid cross-contaminating your food.

I believe that learning how to cook is incredibly beneficial for both health and financial reasons. It does take some practice, but gaining experience in the kitchen and leveling-up your cooking skills is worth it!
Thank you so much for allowing me to share my recipes with the Diablo community. I hope my recipes will inspire other gamers to start cooking!

Hungry for more? Check out Kierstin's blog, Eat Game Live: where gaming meets food. To ensure you get all of her latest updates, make sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter too! Have an idea for a recipe? Let Kierpanda know, or create your own and share the deliciousness with us below!


  • #1 Olden_Soul
    Oh lovey, another PTR extending the total time to the next patch release \O/.

    Not really sure if anyone had high expectations regarding Itemization. It's become a standard where everyone hopes for better, with putting a limit on their expectations or excitement. No one wants to be disappointed and although I love this game and Blizzard, it's come to be a thing with this.

    Oh, and <3 the Horadric Hamburger all the way.
  • #2 Vorvonox
    Quote from Olden Soul

    Oh lovey, another PTR extending the total time to the next patch release \O/.

    How dare they do QA!
  • #3 Tybudd
    That Food Article was complete Garbage, Overneathe you just wasted a small percentage of your life posting that :facepalm:
  • #4 overneathe
    In a family of non-cooks that article is simply... a lot to take in. :(
  • #5 inkcheese
    I like cooking...but I'm lazy when it comes to looking for ingredients.
  • #6 Hiderius
    Would love to try the Horadric Hamburger :D
  • #7 Lehetetlen
    I may give that burrito a try, i just have to kick the other folks out of the kitchen.
  • #8 ippoppen
    a bit early for April fools isn't it?
  • #9 overneathe
    Quote from ippoppen

    a bit early for April fools isn't it?

    What makes you think about April Fools?
  • #10 Tk423
    Quote from ippoppen

    a bit early for April fools isn't it?

    i still dont know where it comes from, but i saw the hamburger in the game just yesterday.
  • #11 t0luene
    i wish one of the questions would have been, are we gonna have the expac go live on both platforms at the same time? ;
  • #12 overneathe
    Quote from t0luene

    i wish one of the questions would have been, are we gonna have the expac go live on both platforms at the same time? ;

    They still haven't decided on how to handle DLCs, as they're called on consoles.
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