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Reminder: The PvP Blog is out. If you've missed it check this link!

Regarding PvP
Some small details have been posted regarding PvP.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']I can totally understand how frustrating it must be to find out that the very feature you were anticipating the most has been postponed, and that it might not even be released in the same format as was previewed earlier, but we hope that people understand that we truly want the best for Diablo III... we want to give you guys the best content possible, and the truth is that Team Deathmatch mode in its current form simply didn't deliver the kind of experience that we want it to.

The only way we can make Diablo III a better game is to release new features and content that is as great as possible. If we release content that is mediocre or rushed, then we might make some people happy for a little while, but after a couple of hours they will no longer feel it is fun to do and that will not be good for the game in the long run.

It is important to emphasise that PvP hasn't been scrapped, it is still being worked on.

Set up ptrs keep people's interest and keep them involved, you know more like it used to be. It's all so damned closed nowadays.
Are we to trust these testers?
First of all, you should never expect to see PTRs and other forms of player testing for all new features and announced content, but nobody has said that there will not be PTRs or other forms of public testing for something as massive as PvP content.

It is commonplace for most game developers (including Blizzard) when planning an external player test, to do internal testing first to see if the new content live up to the design goal. If it does not, then the content must be reworked. But as soon as the internal tests shows that things look to be working as they are supposed to, that is when we make the content available for external player testing to see if the content is truly working as intended.

The Team Deathmatch mode did not live up to the design goal during internal tests, and it must therefore be reworked. Does that mean PvP in Diablo III has been scrapped? No, but PvP may need to take a different form than a Team Deathmatch mode, and that was what the PvP blog was about.

i've spent a lot of time on feedback how Diablo 3 can be a better game, please - could you at least look and see whether it's worth to pass that feedback to developers?
Please trust me when I say that we are forwarding player feedback to the developers all the time, and especially constructive feedback from excellent threads such as the ones you have linked to :-)

Could Battlegrounds Work in Diablo 3?
Some players have suggested that battlegrounds might be a nice replacement for the removal of Team Deathmatch. You're free to share your opinion on that or even give new suggestions in the comments below!

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']It is hard to say what kind of PvP modes they are looking into, as there isn't any information available on that right now :-(

This is an interesting idea though, and although am not sure how PvP battlegrounds would work in Diablo III, you guys are of course free to speculate on that and share your ideas :-)

DiabloFans - "Holiday in Sanctuary" Giveaway!
Don't forget about Diablofans' awesome loot giveaway! You can read the rules and how you can join in and get some of the glorious prizes from the picture below on this link.

Heart of the Swarm Beta Key Giveaway
Diablofans has some keys to give away for the beta test of Heart of the Swarm! We will be giving away 2 keys every day (Monday - Friday) for the next two weeks. The rules are simple: post a comment relevant to the news in the comment section below. As long as it's on topic, you've entered.

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Yesterday's winners: web and Krossbuddhist. Congratulations!


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