New Bug - Barbarian Edition, Developer Blogs in the Works, Activision Blizzard Q2 2012 Conference Call, Diablo III Web API .NET

New Bug - Barbarian Edition
Today brought yet another bug out into the open. This time the Barbarian became a little OP by being able to get a variety of different abilities to be permanent allowing various on hit effects to go off every time such as 8% life, 2.5 second stuns and much more. Users are pointing out that this bug was around for over a month as well. Blizzard is aware of the issue so we probably will see a fast hotfix as we did with the Wizard bug. We will keep this updated with new information.

Update: Reports are in from many users that this has been hotfixed.

Developer Blogs in the Works
A lot of users are eagerly waiting for more information on 1.0.4. Bashiok confirmed on twitter that they are indeed working hard on the developer blogs.

Activision Blizzard Q2 2012 Conference Call on August 2
The Q2 2012 Earnings call will take place on August 2, at 1:30 PM PST. Now that Diablo III has been released there most likely wont be any good information this time around. However we will have any information that does come from the call up in the news for easy reading.

Diablo III Web API .NET Library
Promedeus has been working on a library for .net to make using the future Diablo III web API much easier. He has currently posted two different tools in the Diablo Tools forum section. His media library will make it easy to use any of the graphics such as skill icons, rune icons, Item icons, and much more. You can check out the media library and leave feedback here, and his API wrapper here. We will be keeping an eye out for great new tools to share with the community once the API is released.

API Blue Posts
It looks like the status update to the character profiles / API did not come on Monday. However now is a good time to catch up on the Diablo III web API blue posts. You can check out part 1 here as well as part 2 here.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']No item information from the stash or inventory? That was the most useful thing possible with this in my opinion, D3 is all about items after all. Sad to hear it's not even on the table for consideration.
How could the items in your inventory or stash be less useful than the items your heroes are wearing and wielding?

They're just as important, not less...did you mean AS useful, perhaps? Not sure how "less" got communicated in that. Like Delritha said, there are a lot of items sitting in the inventory and stash, much more than what we're currently wearing.
Yeah, it wa a typo.

I just would find being able to see them very useful. As an example: I generally know what I'm wearing and have an idea on what my friends are. But maybe they have a sword they plan on using next level and I don't need to hang onto one I found I think may be an upgrade for them, but turns out it isn't. Or maybe they have something just taking up space I want. Or for that matter just being able to see my stash/inventory of my own characters out of game would be awesome.
I'll make a note to bring it up with the team and have a discussion around it. Generally, things that are "private" in-game are also private on the web. I can inspect your hero in-game, thus we justify having profile pages outside of the game. I can't look in your stash or inventory, or see the amount of gold you have, thus we generally don't make that available through the website or API.

If there is a good argument for changing that, then it is something we can look at doing. With that said, I don't think there are any compelling reasons to change the visibility of that data.

Well, that's kind of an arbitrary cut off point.
I don't think arbitrary means what you think it means. We decided to display what can be seen in-game, a decision that has been consistent and carefully thought out.

I did say "kind of" :P Semantics (and my poor word choice...) aside, the point of that was showing the items is just as valid as not. The carefully thought out result could have been to make the stash optionally viewable to all and things would be ok (outside of possible technical issue I guess). Again, thanks for reading.
Yeah, all silliness aside, I'm going to make sure this is discussed. We generally don't include things like personal inventory and gold, but I'm going to revisit the subject internally with the team.

Easier to trade outside of the game. People can link to their profile and verify to potential buyers their inventory/stash for trading. This certainly defeats taking screenshots of your inventory and posting them to the trading forums. (Note - if you're wondering why people trade outside of the AH, it's to either beat the tax or sell more than 10 items a day)
Just putting this out there, but you list this as a "PRO", however this is a major reason for us not to do it.

Realistically, exposing inventory and stash data isn't something we would support with the release of the API. We'll discuss it, think about it, sleep on it, but it won't be any time soon.

You're considering showing items in your stash and inventory (or plan to consider it) but you're not considering showing items in the actual Auction House?
Take comfort in knowing that if we did expose inventory information, it would probably be way behind exposing at least read-only AH information on the list of things to do.

time played should not be exposed in game either.
Which is totally and completely outside of my realm of influence.

In the Diablo3 Armory preview screenshots we saw progress bar with progression both on hero and account pages. In the API preview there is only very poor info about progression.I think the API should fully reflect information from HTML pages..
Thank you good sir, it was an oversight. Hero progression will be included in the hero API resource.

While we're on the subject of this, what format is this timestamp in? Milliseconds since the epoch?
That's right, milliseconds since epoch UTC.

Some of the Wow api's look like ms since the epoc, but '1666805944000' is "2022-10-26 @ 07:10:04 CEST" but Straton could have just used some random data there for the example. Perhaps he will clarify this for us?
Yes, I made up some of the values for that timestamp example.

I've updated the account/career example JSON in the head post.

Would hardcore elites be listed under elites or separately? If a user has 0 for kills will it show up as 0 or not at all?
Ha, one would think. Unfortunately, we don't specifically have hardcore elite kill data. We are looking at why and how to resolve that.

For fallen heroes could this use the same structure as heroes? Or merge the two and add "fallen": True ?
I don't think so. The data associated with a fallen hero is different than a non-fallen one and I believe that it makes sense both internally and externally to represent them as two separate things.

If a hero is deleted by a user they will be removed from the api correct? will the hero id be recycled?
If a hero is deleted then it is effectively gone from the API. I don't believe that we have access to heroes that have been deleted. As far as hero ids are concerned, I don't believe that they are recycled, but I'd have to double check with the game team.

Do hero Id's increment normally (1, 2, 3, 4, etc?) If so what's to stop someone from just going through and crawling all of the /hero/### to something like uint64 and starting over (other than the resource limit?)
Yes and no. I don't believe that there are any guarantees that the sequence won't skip values. So you could see a jump from 5 to 11, for example. As far as crawling sequential ids, that isn't something that we are encouraging but understand that it will happen. We would rather have people scan the D3 API as opposed to crawling the website.

I'm curious about the value of "tooltipParams". Do I have to expect some kind of base64-ish value or is it just for the example? No item ids for the fallen-heroes?
Items is still very rough. Better and more detailed item examples will be available soon.

any idea when this will be going live? (approximate month or something)
We are planning on releasing the career and hero APIs along with the career and hero site profiles.

I've updated the hero profile example JSON to point to the documentation on GitHub in the head post.

the career and hero examples are currently the same, copy paste error?
Yeah, figures.

I hope release version will contain full list of hero stats (such as Attacks per Second, etc).
I noticed MF and GF have been removed in the Github, these numbers no longer being pushed?
We are still working through some of the stats and attributes. We will update the documentation as things progress.
Gah, looks like someone stole my thunder.

So we've made a lot of progress with the data APIs and I've updated the documentation to include the item data resource. I plan on creating a few additional example json files for different item types, so stay tuned for that update as well.

Will hero banners be viewable from the upcoming Diablo 3 character profile website? In the previews from a couple months ago there were no banners.
Sadly no. If banners are squeezed in, it'll be through a front-end image layering feature (if that is possible). I didn't have the time to build the banner renderer as we had hoped.

Will hero banners be available in the Hero API? Either the path to the cached image file or the banner image embedded as a Data URL (data:image/png;base64 ...) would work.
I do believe that we plan on providing the base banner detail information (ie the flags to indicate what is displayed and in what colors), but it may be useless until we get the chance to properly explain how to reverse engineer the data.

Is the BattleTag a fixed format? Like the number will be always 4 digits? Or are there really BattleTags like the one in the example 'straton#1'?
The example of "Straton#1" was just an example. The format of a battletag is as follows:
name ::=
code ::=
battletag ::= '#'
The code will almost always be greater than 100, but it should be treated as an integer.

For getting information like someones IAS, Total Plus Min/Max Damage, Critical Damage, will we have to pull all items and add them up, or will that eventually be totalled up in the hero sheet?
That information is already calculated and totaled with the stats on the hero.

Is it intended that the precise salvage chances are exposed by this API? I noticed that we get much more precision on the chances of Firey Brimstone salvaging.
Also, are there any plans for a 'lite' option for the api that provides just the relevant data, rather than all the fancy (localized!) string flavor text?

The decision to expose the disenchant info was deliberate. The Diablo game team could swoop in and request that we change it, but with what we've shown them recently I don't think that will happen.

There aren't any plans to support a 'lite' version at this time. It is something that I can talk to the team about, but it won't likely be done any time soon.

Pulling items one by one involves many requests.
It would be good if we would be able to get all items of a hero in one request.

Well, the items of a hero are provided when requesting a single hero through the API. It is the "item details" that are specific to the item generator that requires additional calls. That same data is also available to use with the tooltip JS provided on the D3 game site, if you don't want to store all of that information.

We could entertain the idea of providing that additional item data with the hero API resource, but I'm leaning heavily against it because the amount of data returned is already very large as is.

If so I guess i'm surprised that this information won't be shown. We won't be able to even hand calculate DPS without IAS, min/max, crit dmg. Yes I know it's shown for us in Damage field but alot of the ideas people had in mind revolve around seeing how items would affect a player, and that will be impossible without pulling all other items and totalling them up manually.
That isn't the sort of information we want the community to have.
It was an oversight, those stats will be added and the documentation updated.

What exactly does that describe, +1007% damage, + 10.07 damage, or...
I'll have to double check that.

What about timestamps on hero/career progression?
NOPE. When we make achievement data available, you'll be able to use that.

Will the returned data from api support multi language? If yes, how it will be managed?
The same way the WoW API supports multiple languages.

It is possible to show itens that a acc are selling in AH? For ex. some1 could just link a page with all the itens he are selling. It would be awesome! (But i rly don't think it would be possible...)
Before I ask you to rephrase the question using big-boy words, I suggest you go back and read this thread in its entirety as it has been covered already.

Are account profiles bound to regional hosts?
Can we request european-based profiles from
If yes:
Would it be possible to add "region" field in career profiles so we could know primary region of the player?

Requests made to a given region only return information specific to that region.

I'm assuming the D3 API falls under the same Terms & Conditions as the WoW API
Yes, that is correct.

Annual Pass Holders
As we reported yesterday you will need to claim your four free months of game time if you had the wow annual pass and updated to a CE.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']This is an update for all Annual Pass holders who upgraded to a Collector's Edition of Diablo III. As noted in the Annual Pass FAQ, players who have subscribed to an Annual Pass and did the upgrade also receive 4 free months of World of Warcraft subscription time. This time is not automatically applied to your World of Warcraft subscription and needs to be applied manually. If you're an Annual Pass holder and purchased a Diablo III Collector's Edition upgrade, you merely need to log into your account and at the top you should see a blue notification banner that says:

Claim Free Game Time
Because you have a World of Warcraft Annual Pass, and have upgraded Diablo III to a Collector's Edition, you are eligible for 4 months of free game time. Claim your free game time on this account.

Just click the link provided and you should be all set.

We have received a few reports from players who received an error message after clicking the link. Please know we are aware of this issue and are working to get it resolved as quickly as possible for those affected.


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