Diablo III Inferno Item Booster Pack Winners, Invulnerable Wizard Bug, Auction House Price Tracking Tool, Wow Annual Pass - Four

Diablo III Inferno Item Booster Pack Winners
We have the two winners for our first booster pack giveaway. Congratulations to our US Region winner Cobrakaji and our EU Region winner Vepo.

Keep in mind if you did not win we will be holding this again on Friday! Note that you will need to be active and have at least 5 new posts between the first contest and the new contest in order to be eligible to enter!

Invulnerable Wizard Bug
For those unaware there is an exploit going around the web today allowing a Wizard to be fully invincible (However it now looks like the exploit was around for at least a month). We contacted Blizzard about this issue and they confirm that they are aware of the issue and are actively working on a solution that we should see very soon.

Update: Blizzard has announced rolling restarts, it looks like the hotfix should be going live.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We are currently rolling out a hotfix for a recent bug regarding invulnerable Wizards. We will continue to carefully monitor this issue and welcome anyone with information about bugs or hacks to submit a detailed report to our Hacks Team by emailing [email protected], or by completing the Hacks Report web form. In your correspondence, please include any steps necessary to replicate the issue as well as any additional details you are able to provide.

Rolling Restarts
Not all servers have picked up the hotfix yet, hence the term rolling restarts. There are several servers under each of the Global Play regions (EU, US, Asia).

Maintenance on all of them should end around 7:20 PM PST. By that time, the hotfix should be applied to all servers. (Source)

Auction House Price Tracking Tool
nathans1844 has posted a great tool for tracking prices on the auction house. The tool tracks the data about every 15 minutes. It's also important to note that it currently only tracks the US auction house. He is currently looking for feedback so that he may improve on the tool. So make sure to stop by his thread and leave your thoughts.

Annual Pass Holders With Collector's Edition - Claim Your Four Free Months
If you have the wow annual pass and bought the collector's edition don't forgot you need to claim your four free months of wow game time. There was an error preventing people to claim this awhile back. However everything seems to be working fine now.

To claim, simply go to your account management page, click on your active wow account, and at the top of the page you should see a box at the top of the page (as seen below)

Curse Weekly Roundup
Pico gives us news about ComicCon, War Z, World of Tanks, Endless Space and more. Be sure to subscribe to stay updated on gaming news.


  • #1 Nacho_ijp
    Congrats CobraKaji and Vepo!! :cheers:
  • #2 Mow
    The exploit was fixed quickly.
  • #3 Sojourna
    Congratulations to the winners. =)
  • #4 KnowScott
    This game has become a complete joke. What the fuck? I would have been happy with D2 with updated graphics. I have such fond gaming memories of D2.
  • #5 Zephaniah1996
    Gratz winners.

    Knowscott: you could always go play D2 instead, no-one's forcing you to play it :)
  • #6 Snowbrew
    Invincible Wizards, permastun Barbs xD oh Blizzard you so silly with your beta.
  • #7 Doorsfan
    Pico would have been such a great and hot news reporter if ONLY it wasn't for her voice.

    Every single damn time i try to watch the curse thing, her voice just cuts my ears. It saddens me. :(
  • #8 lMarcusl
    Quote from Mow

    The exploit was fixed quickly.

    Yeah, it only took like 2 months for them to notice it. Unfortunately for them there's only like 3-4 more broken builds, plus thousands of botters, scammers and dupers going around in the game. That's what happens when you try to include real money into your game. What would it matter that people duped and botted if there was no AH. It's saddening to every day learn a new way in which Blizzard has screwed up my favorite franchise.
  • #9 Helmarn
    Anyone know if they are handing out bans for the invincible Wizard? I was also under the impression that this "bug" has been around since launch.
  • #10 Redzor
    Quote from Zephaniah1996

    Knowscott: you could always go play D2 instead, no-one's forcing you to play it :)

    He said "with updated graphics".
  • #11 Viiza
    Congrats to the winners! :) . Glad blizz finally fixed the wizard bug... seen so many wizards going around in crap gear and clear everything in inferno... About damn time blizz.
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