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The Help section over at the wiki has been rewritten to better show and explain how to edit the new wiki. The previous version of the page was not tailored for our wiki and so lacked a significant amount of information. The page is, I hope, very basic. It will explain how to use templates, create links and categories, but it will not explain how to make templates or wiki code in any depth.

The section can be found here:

Perhaps tutorial isn't quite the right word, but with time it will expand. If you ever though of adding something to the wiki but didn't know how to, you might want to take a look at this page. And if you do, come back here and tell us what you liked or disliked about it, and what additions you'd like.

In other news regarding the wiki, we've set up a small fan-fiction section set up. As the fan fiction forum here at Diablofans developes, so will the wiki. In the end it will hopefully be an easily navigated page for all those wishing to find a good diablo read.

In the last week, we've also received three new builds in the wiki: A Werewolf Druid written by Zhar, a Bowzon guide written by someone called Muroidea, and a Frenzy Barbarian guide written by Rousse. I hope all of them will receive future updates, and that we'll get more of the same kind in the future.


  • #1 DesmondTiny
  • #2 Bellend
    This actually helps alot, thanks alot. :) And yes now we can finally understand some things better than before. :D
  • #3 Dauroth
    I agree! It's far better than the last version and it really brings people closer to the Wiki itself!
  • #4 Lt._Venom
    Can you put in an actual tutorial where it walks us through how to build a wiki page?
  • #5 PhrozenDragon
    Quote from name="Lt Venom" »
    Can you put in an actual tutorial where it walks us through how to build a wiki page?

    Well the thing is it's different from page to page. The first section of new help page is intended to just provide you with some quick help for that purpose.

    I guess I could do something like this for different kinds of pages. Like one for lore articles, one for items, one for builds and so forth. But that's going to take time.
  • #6 Lt._Venom
    I need one for items and another for character information, because I noticed a lot of items were missing and I also noticed hardly any of the characters were completed. The unique axes, for example, had the Normal Uniques listed, but not the Exceptional or Elite Uniques.
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