Bashiok on Unique Character Classes

A user on the forums with a few screws loose recently made a long-winded post which can basically be summed up as a critique that the known character classes in Diablo 3 so far are too generic. Bashiok, the brave soul that he is, actually read through the entire post and responded to those critiques:

"...come on, that post was all over the place. Go look at it. Don't even read it, just look at the formatting. It's spilling crazy all over the floor it's so full of crazy.

Anyway, there are a few archetypes of classic fantasy characters. Expecting us to do something outside of those archetypes for the sake of trying to be original is unnecessary, and would probably lead to something that's just ridiculous and not fun, or difficult to design - let alone balance.

I'm more than happy with you expressing your opinion, and as I summed it up yes essentially your opinion was that you wanted more originality. That's fine, but I was just saying the way in which it was presented was practically inedible."

He then went on to further discuss the topic:

"Well, I'm not sure I can discuss much more without showing our hand. But! I think we'll have at least one class in the game that will appeal to everyone. And that's sort of the goal with the core game, hit those main archetypes that everyone can identify with. "Hey, a Wizard... I'm pretty sure I know what that's all about without even seeing it." Any potential expansions are probably where you'd try out something not of a core archetype like, say, an assassin or druid. ;P

The witch doctor is a bit riskier, and I think sometimes written off as just a twist on the necromancer, but no one has really seen most of his abilities and the flavor he brings. He still has a lot left for people to discover."
What do you think about the character classes so far? Do you think they really need to shoehorn something totally unique and unheard of into the game as a playable class just for the sake of it, or are you happy to have more sensible characters like the ones we've already seen as long as they're well-rounded?


  • #1 Blackwing
    I think if they keep going in the direction they are now, all of the charactes should be pretty original.
  • #2 biff_exploder
    the witchdoctor is very original, the barbarian and the wizard dont need to be original, they just need to be there.

    i dont want some "ultramegaz0rd of doom" character that has skills like "pew pew pew ima shootan mah laz0rz" just to be original when it does not fit the game.
  • #3 milanv
    to be honest I think that the classes are archetypal to the very core. I don't like it that the classes here are too simple but I also hate the Neverwinter Nights' classes because they are too complicated.

    on the other hand, WD is still original and the other classes are just necessary :P
  • #4 Kazamu
    I think I read about this somewhere else (maybe in a Diablo III interview), but I agree that picking out of a pool of more well-known classes is the better way to do things. Creativity isn't a bad thing, as pointed out about the Witch Doctor, but it should be a name that people can relate to.

    If they started using names that are uncommonly used or, heaven forbid, started making up names for classes, then it would get more and more difficult for a person to discern what kind of character it is, what type of strategies would work best, etc. Even if companies can think up of new names or look up unused / uncommonly-used names, I think a lot of people would make such remarks as "Why didn't you just call it such-and-such, it acts just like one."

    I guess the main thing that it comes down to is "Why spend more time trying to come up with names for classes?" and "What damage is done by using names for classes that are more well-known"
  • #5 lunarleif
    Come on, it's Diablo! They were the original:evil:. What was decent before Diablo and was a computer game. Though it's (Censored) that they're bringing back the barbarian, Blizzard running out of ideas :offtopic::(:O:confused::confused::confused:
  • #6 goodguy8705
    I'm not sure what makes the Witch Doctor unique. Is it the model? The name? It's definitely not the curses, summoning, or miscellaneous damaging attacks.
  • #7 MasterNeo
    well all i can say is this I LOVE DIABLO and i would be completely happy with an updated Diablo 2 to be honest! and in anycase the three announced classes are good, and lets be honest, we knew that there would be a melee and magic char anyways.
  • #8 puscifer462
    i think that guy was high while writing it. I'm actually happy with the classes so far the barb and wizard are a must you have to have a caster and pure melee. the WD is a nice change and is new so whatever that guy was talking about, he needs to "try" and read what he wrote.
  • #9 SNowfreak
    I think they are taking the stereotypical (and much loved and needed) classes and making them into very modified and interesting character classes. I am very happy that it isnt straying too far from what you would want, but from what we have seen has shown us improvements and things you may not expect.
  • #10 Lestater
    Quote from "goodguy8705" »
    I'm not sure what makes the Witch Doctor unique. Is it the model? The name? It's definitely not the curses, summoning, or miscellaneous damaging attacks.

    It's unique in how the skills are integrated, curses, summoning, and damage attacks aren't just ordered like that, all of those abilities are placed in trees in ways that allows them to compliment each other.
  • #11 Genesis
    I tried to read that guys post but his style of writing and the long overdrawness of it just repelled me

    As for Diablo 3... its a fantasy storyline with fantasy characters... it can't be original in that respect
    It can be original in game mechanics however, if it wants to. Theres till plenty of new ideas possible there I think
  • #12 Daemaro
    I think the classes are pretty unique as far as archtypes go so far. I can't think of anything I'd like better at the second.
  • #13 Palisade
    By name alone the classes are not original. It really depends on how a character class is defined and presented as opposed to the class itself. If Blizzard can take the usual character classes we see in the fantasy/fiction genre and innovate them with their own unique takes on design, then I don't see the problem. It's hard to be 100% original and still be practical, if possible at all. I learned that myself when I took a few shots at designing a character for Diablo 3.
  • #14 DSquared82
    Yeah, I read the original post when it was posted (try saying that ten times fast) and this guy is on something his brain is everywhere. As far as the classes are concerned; I'm very happy with them so far and look forward to playing all of them, as well as the two that still await.

    Are they 100% original; no.
    Are they 100% Diablo 3, yes.

    Most of all I look forward to using a combination of skills (like I try to do with most of my d2 characters) to get through the game and I think each class is varied enough to have its own advantages and disadvantages as well as many, many building options.

    I don't think throwing in something weird or different just to be different is worth Blizz's time or effort..they are smarter than that.
  • #15 Eldius
    Well, they were fun to play. :thumbsup:
  • #16 thra1l
    Personally i like the classes so far... I don't think they should make them exactly like the old ones (obviously) but i like how they are now, even though they may not be very original. If they wanted to do a crazy or of the wall class/es i think they should save them for the later expansions.
  • #17 LordRayken
    Barbrian is well thought out. I love the class, it deserves to be back. Similiar to how the Warrior translated to the Barb in Diablo 2.

    I also believe the Sorcerer from Diablo 1 was brought to Diablo 2... I dont really think its a bad thing to bring back old classes so that way it still feels like Diablo.

    Regardless, the guy who wrote that post seemed to be very edgy. He also seemed like he was using it to get people to read his "cool hip idea" about that shadow knight or anti-paladin or whatever. Which is the lamest idea I think I've read, by the way.

    I like the Witchdoctor, simply because the Necromancer and Druid melded together is cool. The Necro is all about death and curses, and the Druid was all about life and nature blessings. So it'll end up being a cool, raw force of nature class. I always wanted a Necromancer/Druid anyway.

    As for the Wizard... It's a pretty much mundane rehash. But shes got all new magic, the Arcane. And on top of that, the Wizard/Sorcerer/Sorcerers can ALWAYS be expanded. Adding new spells, abilities, and features, for all time. I dont think a wizard/sorcerer should ever be removed from Diablo, honestly. They are such a raw powerful magical force.

    Finally, the dude who wrote that letter was just spilling out bullcrap in my opinion. I dont think anything he said meant anything, other than the "Im going to get attention so someone will read my anti-paladin idea."
  • #18 exen88
    Well guys, whatever direction Diablo3 is going is totally up to the team. Whatever class they come up with is just fine. If they want to make a completely new character out of the blue then they could. And if they do then giving life to these new imagination is the whole reason why they have writers and artist alike. Just like coming up with the new monsters and having a tale behind them just to make the character to make sense in their world and especially to us, the players. I keep on hearing and seeing this trend where creators are making things just so viewers can relate them selves to it or feel comfortable with it because of the already existing history that particular thing has. yes, that do make people feel comfortable, but most of the times it just doesn't work for the rest of us core people. New creation and imagination is a thrill and will be a good addition to diablo3 if they can make it have some sense in the world.
  • #19 3CXOD
    The character classes so far are fine.
    Some people need to chill out. I'm not even kidding.
  • #20 kira862
    I just got one thing to say... Zombie Wall. If thats not original i dont know what is and blowing up your on minions like a bomb. And dont even get me started on the locusts.
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