Bashiok Addresses Questions About Sites With Diablo 3 Pre-orders.

A member of the Diablo 3 forums recently posted a question regarding some web sites that have been listing Diablo 3 for pre-order. Some of these sites even have posted street dates for the game as early as 3/27/09. Now, anybody who's been paying attention to Diablo 3 news during the past year surely knows that the game is nowhere near completion right now, but Bashiok has taken the time to address the issue of pre-orders:

"As always, unless it is officially announced by us, usually through a press release, any release dates are purely guesses made up by the retailer. I don't pretend to know every retailer's pre-order requirements or rules, but I believe a release date usually has to be present for them to begin taking pre-orders. So they sort of make one up.

That isn't meant to discourage you pre-ordering the game, feel free if you want, but be aware that the retailer likely has a disclaimer stating that the date they list isn't a guaranteed release date, and it certainly isn't."
Personally, I'm not even considering any pre-ordering until there's an official release date from Blizzard. How about you guys? Are any of you actually going to bother pre-ordering the game this early from one of those random web sites?


  • #1 viciousnugget
    Certainly not right now. I am doing as you are doing. Pre-order it when Blizzard officially announces it.
  • #2 cheebalover
    damn i hoped there was some news..
  • #3 DSquared82
    Second that

    The only thing I did is sign up on Amazon so it tells me when it's available for pre-order; otherwise I wouldn't trust anywhere that has a date already posted.
  • #4 DaWg
    Yeah I'm waiting too..I wanna see what my options are for pre-orders and stuff before I even decide
  • #5 gabbzy17
    heck no i will not preorder the game i dont even know if best buy does pre orders and i will want the game at midnight when it comes out so ill prob head over to walmart
  • #6 Asynchronic
    Retailers taking preorders can't possibly know how many copies they will be able to get upon release, it seems kind of risky. The last thing I would want ot do is wait even longer for the copy I paid for to come in. I'll see you in line at walmart gabbzy. And
  • #7 kefka666333abc123
    Everyone whos into blizz games or games in general should know that retailers always do this stuff to try and a make a few quick dollars......big name releases are rarely given a release date till a few months before its release date and hell the devs dont even know the release date since they dont know when there gonna be truly finished
  • #8 Bloodlust_Fox
    I don't see why one would want to pre-order this early anyway.

    It would be like preordering Stars Wars VII on DVD...
  • #9 DesmondTiny
    Im headin to the store to get it....I dont do preorders....yet ;)
  • #10 Shisou
    I got excited that there was some new news. Then there wasn't any new news and I got sad. Now I'm posting about it.
  • #11 Juhnu
    No, I don't pre-order it because I live in Finland and I think postage cost a lot of, so It's cleaver and cheaper to buy after it will to appear.
  • #12 FingolfinGR
    thank god i work in retail. i get to know the release dates as soon as they're set. And i also get to reserve any collector's edition i want ;)

    no pre-orders for me!
  • #13 DarkMagicc
    lol, just to remind you guys, that any of those stores can close down; and if they go bankrupt you lose your money.

    Since you can set a pre-order 2 days before its released, I would probably wait till then. I wonder how crazy the stores will be...i'll probably see thousands of tents..

    Well i'm not even thinking about pre-ordering, they are only maybe half way done with it!
  • #14 DarkMagicc
    Just like Shisou said...I was excited that after a week there was news!! but..then it was'nt.. :(
  • #15 Themeros
    My brain has adapted to this webste. It creates a screenshot of the main page so that when there's news I have some sort of primitive instict reaction to click it so fast that I don't even have time to read it on the main page.

    Lately it's all like.. 'meh', but it still keeps happening... :(
  • #16 Blackwing
    I'm pre-ordering it ESPECIALLY if it comes with bonus junk.
  • #17 gyrextt
    naww man......
  • #18 sarcasmicfellow
    I'm more excited to stand in line outside for the midnight release than I ever will be to vote.

    I want to log into BNet with you guys, party up, and beat the whole damn thing in one shot.
  • #19 gabbzy17
    Quote from "sarcasmicfellow" »
    I'm more excited to stand in line outside for the midnight release than I ever will be to vote.

    I want to log into BNet with you guys, party up, and beat the whole damn thing in one shot.

    idk i think im gonna take my time beating the game but i will be waiting in line with u
  • #20 RoBHnK
    i wont preorder till they announce the games release date, just as long as i get a sexy d3 pony and rainbow shirt with my preorder
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