VideoGamer Talks To Blizzard

A new interview has cropped up over at VideoGamer, which asked Jay Wilson a few questions about the ongoing development of Diablo III. The interview has a few nice bits that touch upon the developers' personal tastes, like the following: If you could single out one feature of D3 to convince someone to by the game, what would it be? What's the coolest feature?

JW: The coolest announced feature? (laughter) There are a few we've not revealed yet! For me it would have to be the character classes. I know that's kind of an odd feature to pick, but one of the things that was a hallmark of D2, one of the thigns that made it a favourite game of mine, was that the character classes were extremely archetypal. They were the kind of characters that people inherently wanted to play - they were very visceral, very powerful, very satisfying. Running through the world and hitting stuff with an axe felt really good. So when we started on D3 one of our main objectives was not to match the game on that front, but to surpass it. And that's something I feel we've really accomplished when you look at the character classes, the skillset we've put on them is really imaginative, very over the top and original. We've really tried to go for classes that are not your standard warrior, rogue, mage. We're not trying to provide something that's unknown to the players, but rather classes that are not what you'd typically see.


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