BlizzCon Tickets Sold Out

8/13: Tickets to BlizzCon 2008 are now sold out. We'd like to thank everyone once again for their overwhelming interest in this year's show. If you were unable to secure tickets, please keep in mind that DIRECTV will be broadcasting BlizzCon live from the Anaheim Convention Center on October 11 and 12. In the meantime, keep an eye on the BlizzCon 2008 website for updates on panels, exhibits, events, and more. We look forward to meeting some of you at the show!

8/12 Nethaera
: The bulk of the BlizzCon tickets we had available were sold out within minutes of ticket sales going live again this afternoon. We have a small reserve of tickets left -- to make these available to some of you who might not have had a chance to purchase yet, we will be releasing the remaining reserve tickets for sale tonight, August 12, at 8:00 PM PDT. We appreciate the enthusiasm everyone has shown, and wish we were able to accommodate even more attendees at this year’s BlizzCon.-- source


  • #1 G.I.R
    First. :spam:
  • #2 Medievaldragon
    Well, tickets are now officially sold out. I am not 100% certain, but and might get some Blizzcon tickets to giveaway via contests. So, stay alert in upcoming weeks for any announcements on both websites.

    Right now we are discussing two contests for the WWI Cards that contain a Tyrael pet and a Wrath of the Lich King beta code. Those two contests will be announced within the next few days.
  • #3 Djinn_690
    I wonder if this year they sold faster than previous years.
  • #4 grudgeoms
    Probably.... alot more panels and information coming this year so it's a worth while event this time.
  • #5 Eldius
    Myself along with many others are outraged with Blizzard's handling of the situation. High traffic and a glitchy website prevented thousands of eligible candidates from attending, and allowed several individuals to walk off with 10+ extra tickets, that will be most likely be scapled. Blizzard is not admitting any fault, and deleting any thread which speaks out against them on the Blizzcon forums.

    The complex being used for Blizzcon 2008, the Anaheim Convention Center has a much larger carrying capacity than 12,000. So why not sell more tickets?
  • #6 NadalOverdrive
    They aren't using the /entire/ complex. They rent 'halls'. If you check the convention center, theres also some scrapbooking convention going on at the same time. So while its bigger, they can't use all the space.

    Also, something to keep in mind. Last year it took three days to sell 8000 tickets. This year it took a total of ten minutes sale time (Or there abouts) To sell 12000 tickets. Thats a /crazy/ increase in demand in just one years time. Thats probably why it was so not ready for the load on the first day.

    Would you really expect such a increase? If your first two didn't indicate it would get so crazy?

    As for scalping. You can't really /scalp/ a blizzcon ticket. Its not a physical thing. You have to show up at blizzcon with the credit card to get your ID badge. It really would make scalping /extremely/ difficult.

    Also, where did you get anything saying people got 10+ tickets? Tickets were limited to 5 per account/credit card. So they would have had to have had at least two accounts and two credit cards to get it, and managed to get through the whole process /extremely/ quickly.
  • #7 Eldius
    The glitches with the website made it so that some people obtained twice or even three times their order.
  • #8 Soul
    Well Mike M has apologized and 3,000 tickets are up for grabs in a lottery!
    Gl to whoever wants them
  • #9 Siaynoq
    Whoever is going please take lots of pictures. ^_^
  • #10 Daemaro
    One of my friends is going. I'm jealous. :(

    I'm hoping maybe he'll give me the D3 door prize. :D
  • #11 The_wind
    wow blizzard seems to have it's own cault of fallowers , when blizzard opens up tickets and says you can buy, when they release a game, when they hype a game, and announce a game, the interent and crowds fallow. Blizzard is the pimp of the videogame industry:D
  • #12 Eldius
    A raffle of 3000? I wonder how that would work. 1 per person, or limit 5 to a person who wins the raffle. If my brother is unable to buy more than one ticket (provided that he wins the contest, which he rightfully should), his girlfriend and I are well...out of luck. Even so, it is good to hear that Morhaime had the courage to claim fault on Blizzard's behalf, and that an opportunity still exists.
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