Diablo II Battle Chest Topples Sale Charts Post-Diablo III Announcement

Following the announcement of Diablo III at the 2008 Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals, merely 9 days ago, Gamasutra reports that sales of the seven-year-old RPG hack 'n slash game Diablo II Battle Chest has risen considerably on last week's worldwide sale charts.

The Diablo II Battle Chest took the lead on North American PC sales as the #1 in the Top 5 Sales. On the United Kingdom charts, the Diablo II Battle Chest received the 4th spot.

At this rate, Game Stores around the world will be out of stock of any remaining copies. If your area already is out of stock and you wish to get your hands on Diablo II and Lord of Destruction expansion, your only option at this point is to head to the Blizzard Store to purchase a digital download of the game. It is now available after the Diablo III announcement. Blizzard Entertainment most likely foresaw this prior to the announcement. A clever planning.


  • #1 hcjr1
    yeah! The guys of blizzard are genius.
  • #2 biff_exploder
    hahaha Diablo never dies, and thats final.
  • #3 Ydoc
    I had a feeling this would happen, but I did not think it would be the number 1 bought PC game of the week. Four of my friends went and bought the game after the announcement. :)
  • #4 Ydoc
    Quote from name="biff exploder" »
    hahaha Diablo never dies, and thats final.

  • #5 jlane
    Haha I took my buddy to EB games to get it so he could play some D2 with me. The clerk told us he had 6 copies of the battlechest in the morning, and 14 people have come to purchase one.. so that left us as the 9th person turned away, in a relatively small nova scotian town. Lol. Luckily, Wal Mart had a single copy left.. n he got it :D
  • #6 mockery
    Heheh, everybody wants to get back into the series so they'll be ready to hack 'n slash their way through Diablo III when it finally comes out.

    The Battle Chest is great, but it's got nothing on this:

    I still have my copy of it. Unfortunately, it was really limited... but you can find copies on eBay here 'n there still if you want one badly enough.
  • #7 DSquared82
    Wow, that's crazy especially considering how old of a game it is. I remember people talking about seeing it back in the stores; even advertised before WWI, and figured the reason behind it would be the announcement of D3....guess those folks were right! Hell yeah...go Diablo, off to play some LOD time to get my fix now too!
  • #8 The_Huntsman
    I guess it should have been expected to see a sales spike, but I wouldn't have anticipated this kind of response. Way to go Blizzard.
  • #9 Medievaldragon
    Heck, now I feel the urge to continue leveling up my noobie Barbarian. Miss my sorceress though. I still remember when I put most of my talent points into frost .... and Duriel is immune to it. Was a verrrrrry long fight.
  • #10 waddlez
    Actually dunhac, at most stores near me (ATL) I can find wc2, I think blizzard games are just always consistently bought

    I am playing a HC trapassassin atm
    gets scary though because I am on a wireless connection so i find my self exiting the game on spikes
  • #11 tkrow21
    Quote from "Ydoc" »

    And by me.
  • #12 Robiwan
    Quote from "Medievaldragon" »
    Heck, now I feel the urge to continue leveling up my noobie Barbarian. Miss my sorceress though. I still remember when I put most of my talent points into frost .... and Duriel is immune to it. Was a verrrrrry long fight.

    i was thinking about this the other day.
    It would have seriously pist me off if you started diablo2, built your sorceress into a fire build and gotten to diablo and it says immune to fire above his head. heh heh
  • #13 necro2607
    Yup, I went out and bought the battle chest last week. I never really played d2. I just borrowed a friend's copy and played approx the first Act. Not sure why I didn't play farther than that. I LOVED the first Diablo, bought it the second it was available for Mac (no thanks to Blizzard for making us wait something like an entire year before it was available for Mac :P)
  • #14 JayCrimson
    I expect that Diablo 3's one-year aniversary will possibly have the earlier games included for free. Large companies like Blizzard sometimes tend to ride on the promotional bandwagons.
  • #15 The_wind
    shit, i still need to buy it since i cant find my old copies. Man blizzard must be happy, games like starcraft and diablo are still selling even after there old as crap:D
  • #16 DarthKarnage
    Wow, that is AWESOME news! Diablo still deserves to be on top after 8 friggen years. I recently picked it up again and am quickly remembering its addictive qualities, I played it for 8 hours straight yesterday. I'm playing a level 21 Barb on US East if anyone wants to play with me I play in rooms under this screen name password is diablofans
  • #17 AlaskanFireDragon
    This news just made my day. I woulda belived it more if it made the top 20 or so... BUT #1 on the charts. When Blizzard makes money it can only lead to good things.
  • #18 The_wind
    i still find it amazing at how blizzard can manipulate the markets.
  • #19 biff_exploder
    maybe people can still find those "best series" packages, my brother got his D2+LoD from those.
  • #20 Sryii
    I wouldn't have expected it to sell so rapidly. Great! now I am gonna have to hunt around for my copy so I can play again!
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