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Which is good news for those of us who think that Starcraft should stay an RTS and [I]Diablo 3[/I'] couldn't make the MMOG jump without a serious degradation of the simple frenetic clicky-click mayhem that makes it such a delight.


  • #1 darkjay
    i find that funny... blizzard didnt even know lol
  • #2 ThatDude
    When will they all learn
    If it aint broke dont fix it
  • #3 Maestro
    Why would you want to get rid of the hectic, RSI filled, clicking? That is what separated Diablo from the rest of the competition
  • #4 cyks
    So you guys think it is settled?

    Quote from Diablo patent »

  • #5 Maestro
    I am not quite sure, because no matter what happens there will always be one who thinks the other way
  • #6 rigo07
    In a recent presentation on Wall Street, Vivendi Universal claimed that all Blizzard franchises were set to become the haunting grounds of flabby 13 year olds prostituting themselves out as hot babes in exchange for swag. Specifically, Starcraft and Diablo

    Atleast they settled this little known fact. =)
  • #7 Kewterz
    lol that funny as hell
  • #8 Maestro
    Yes it is. I could well imagine people robbing old ladies to get their next hit of WoW. Next thing you know they will be implementing WoW playing rooms next to the heroin injecting rooms
  • #9 darkjay
    lol walking down the street when u notice a sign... Opium/WOW den
  • #10 ThatDude
    A man comes from a dark alley way as you walk down the street, he opens his raincoat and displays to you his merchandise...
    "hey hey hey hows it goin buddy? I got some WoW, some d2 lod, a couple extra patches, starcraft, anything you want...oh and i also smuggled an expantion pack if you want a hit thatll last"
  • #11 DiabloFanUser665
    Why it should become MMORPG? its a lot more fun like it use to be........

    SAY NO TO>>> MMORPG!!!!:mad:
  • #12 darkjay
    yeah... who here wanted it to become mmo??? vivendi did but they didnt tell blizz about it
  • #13 Maestro
    Not me, as I have said before, I spent the first for years of my D2 Gaming in single player. If the game turns mmo then all that will go to shit. The best kind of practice is single player
  • #14 ThatDude
    Blizzard knows what theyre doing hopefully, thats why they are amazing, they wont let diablo become stupid and retarded
  • #15 Elfen_Lied
    god i hope so. a retarted d3 is the last thing we need, luckily blizzard is pretty good, so it wont happen
  • #16 Kewterz
    i am one of those guilt ones that voted mmorg, yes i should be hung, however i will retract my statement now i would like an updated version of the graphics from the original d2
  • #17 ThatDude
    Lol its ok kewterz, i thought mmorpg would be cool too at first, then i thought about it and realized the error of my ways.
  • #18 darkjay
    it would fit in with the whole hell invading heavan theme, but i would much prefer it to not be mmo
  • #19 Kewterz
    ya i dunno what i was thinking, just update em is all
  • #20 darkjay
    ok, elfen asked me to post these...
    the master slide list... and the 2 of great importance :)
    i threw the one in thier just to show some1 that diablo has sold more than sc :)
    Image removed due to its file extension:

    Image removed due to its file extension:
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