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    posted a message on Patch Notes LoL !!!

    hey bagstone, what do you think about holy point shot? will the 2 extra knives receive the 6p bonus? should be right?

    Yes they will. It just cannot proc 3 times on one enemy. It's to help AOE. However, AD procs on skill cast. So if AD procs and knifes hit 3 targets. At 100% AD it should hit all 3 targets for 9*40,000 and all enemy's in AD range for 3*40,000. So it's an absolutely massive buff overall.
    This item literally triples the damage of the set if there's more than 3 enemies grouped and you have decent AD.
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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Item's Changes

    For those worried about droprates. Ptr players are experiencing about a 2% droprates and craft rate on primal.

    With the changes coming blizz stated primal would no longer be craftable but have their droprates increased to 5% during the next iteration.

    Ancients are currently 10%. I believe that's a happy medium, now the question is just what are these so called changes besides stat inflation.

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    posted a message on Damage type of abilities with multiple active runes?

    Tziera is right in most situations. WD specific example - Soul Harvest gains the effect of all runes. The damage of it will be determined by the rune you select to cast. If you pick Languish, it's cold damage.

    Another situation would be using Wormwood, which cast Locust Swarm at enemies for free. This is a runeless Locust Swarm unless you have a specific rune on your bar - then it takes that damage type (Searing Locusts makes it fire damage, etc).

    Non-WD exception is the Wizard's Archon form - the damage type isn't determined by the rune, but rather by the largest bonus elemental damage % - if you have 20% fire damage, it's fire. If you have 20% cold and 19% fire, it's cold, etc.

    Not sure offhand if there are other exceptions.

    *Edit* Fixed mistake.

    Think this about covers it. If it's auto cast by an item it's the base skill damage type otherwise it'll be the rune you've selected on the skill.
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    posted a message on [2.4.3] Hellcat Waistguard Theorycrafting and my Guides for S9

    Went DH for solo this season and the UE general build is beyond fun and awesome for farming. Barely p150 and just completed USE set and I'm one shitting the GR on T10.

    Thank you for the time and testing and posting your findings. I will be testing furnace over buriza, however, I'm guessing buriza wins in density especially in higher grs as we start to skip elites.

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    posted a message on CORRUPTION nerfed on PTR -- need checking

    It's an odd nerf as this hits LON builds the most which are almost exclusively used in solo laddering.

    LON bomb for example gains alot from the 7pur since it's hard to gain pur with thorns oj everything.

    LON doctors also. To the person saying this is because of group play I say no, it's a nerf directly to thtee of the strongest solo builds and it's really disappointing as that was this items unique quality. This nerf drives set dependency even more. The opposite of what most of us want.

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    posted a message on Almost everyone and his grandmother is Using TurboHUD

    Also, at OP you're terrible as a zdps barb if you think HUD is a requirement. Maps in this game are easy to read and the players have voiced dead end maps in timed rifts is one of the problems, density and mob type the others. The maps themselves are not the problem and efficiency pends on group comp and solo class builds.

    It's enjoyable for you to put right on the OP it's not a whine post to preface your whining. A murderer could kill someone say they're innocent but they're still murderer. You're still a whiner with little fact - just whine. Have a great day whiner.

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    posted a message on Almost everyone and his grandmother is Using TurboHUD

    OP is just straight up wrong. MOST players are not using HUD and we don't want permissions to cheat.

    We want blizz to improve maps: less dead ends and add some of the benefits into game, which, they have. We can now see what shrine effects are and gob types on map.

    If you need HUD to play this game your beyond lazy since you can run 100+ gr groups and play HS and watch TV at the same time. Sounds like you just want to pop the game open and get rewarded. It's an arpg, grind gear get powerful and have fun.

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    posted a message on Shock and Disappointment

    I'm not every apparently. I play d3 and enjoy it tons,... Casually. Thats what the genre is really all about hacking monsters and chilling out. And the point about D3 being maintained for the masses even though the release was a disaster is right on.

    The game could be perfect and the plebs and epeens of the internet would still shout murder into their mics from their basement towers... Geeze QQ much.

    A. its a game, any love is good love and B. it's a fucking game. If you dont like it go make a better one. Why is everyone there mom and there dog a pro game designer and developer.

    Reminder; you don't speak for everyone, blizz does a phenomenal job at making AAA titles, catering to their stake holders all while trying to please their customers. it's no wonder they can't be original anymore - the players would condemn them for attempting something so stupid as trying to do something outside the box. ITs NoT WhAt We WAnt STUpID BLIZZ never listens. 20yrs ago 3 people created a game no one knew they wanted....

    I'm not tired of the Diablo series as much as I am with an entire entitled generation of gamers who think their opinion is god's will. If your that type of individual you're the one limiting development space by limiting the voice of the artists who create in the first place. Good day.

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