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    posted a message on best goblin farm method

    Farming just Cave of the Moon Clan is not very efficient.

    Also, you don´t need to make a 7 minute video just to tell us, that there is a high chance of a goblin spawn on level 1 or two of that cave.

    There are already a lot of 2.4.1 goblin farm route videos out there, and I dare say most of them are better.

    [No, i don´t have anything nice to say, alas.]

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    posted a message on QuinFans ???

    Lmao Drahque.

    Attention whoring/trollposting at its best/worse.

    What´s the matter, can´t make your signature any bigger?

    Quinn, Desolacer and the other guys put a lot of time and effort into creating content, and Diablofans is honoring that.

    What the hell is wrong with you?

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    posted a message on PSA: Mortick's Brace was removed from Patch 2.2 and will not drop.
    Quote from FRASSISOgo-next

    They seems to still be in the EU servers, they are on the live patch notes atm!

    EU servers are still not up. We won´t get them bracers either. Trust me. ;)

    What a vomit of a decision ... Now what ?! We have to play the fuck-tard Raekors one more season ? Meh ... this is the biggest " fuck your class, play what WE want and how WE want it " from blizzard.

    Time to all roll DHs or Crus boys... fuck that.

    I also am unhappy with the removal of the bracers, but posts like this one here make me wanna facepalm.

    Barbs aren´t shit, just because ONE item is removed.

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    posted a message on Map of Sanctuary (Complete)
    All I got is:

    Hope that helps.
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    posted a message on Sentry M6 Group play question
    Mobs need to be slowed/controlled. Doesn´t matter who aplied the debuff.
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    posted a message on Best farming Location after Cota nerf?
    Not sure if this is supposed to make me smile or...? Come on guys ... in 2 days time, you´ll get the ultimate farming mode, and even NOW you got a 100% XP gain + 25% from PoR. Yet you still fear, someone might find the only spot that now one else has yet found ...the...*drumroll*...ULTIMATE FARMING SPOT!!!

    What happened to just playing the game? You are possed! P o s s e s s e d I say!

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