YouTube URLs keep disappearing when editing topic

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    Got a quick question and I'm not sure if it's just me, or this happens to everyone.

    When I share YouTube links in a post, they show up as embedded media, which is fine and dandy.

    However, when I go back to edit the post, I notice that the URLs are always missing, forcing me to go look up the video again and relink it. It's quite a hassle.

    I'm concerned right now because I'm working on a wizard PvP thread (http://www.diablofan...the-pvp-wizard/), and I do plan on continuously adding sample videos of builds in action to the original post. However, each time I edit the topic, my videos vanish.

    Is there a solution or workaround that's unknown to me at the moment? Solutions would be great.

    Blizzard Entertainment - Diablo III Community MVP
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    99% chance you are using https instead of http :3 (just remove s in link)

    also make sure you remove the link using the "unlink tool" if the youtube video link appears blue

    and last thing to make sure use the [media] tag so [media] link goes here /media]
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    edited your topic for you. should be good now
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    A-ha! That [media] tag really did the trick. Thanks, Molster.
    Blizzard Entertainment - Diablo III Community MVP
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