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    Is there a nice way to post items?

    Like, I can copy/paste an item from the DB:

    Leoric's Crown
    • Head
    • Legendary Helm
    • 72–89
    • Armor
    • +3-4% Life
    • Critical Hit Chance Increased by 1.5%
    • One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
      • +43-48 Armor
      • +64-72 Armor
    • +3 Random Magic Properties
    • Item Level: 25
    Unique Equipped

    But wouldn't it be nice to have some kind of plugin where you can post an item by just adding name+stats? I remember having see something like this on other forums and just wanted to ask if I'ver overlooked something.

    Edit: What the hell? In copy/paste preview it looked just fine. What went wrong? Okay, is there any nice way to post items or is the only way to take screenshots?

    Edit2: Got it, just link it, the official tooltip script does the job. Like for this nice ring.
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