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    that is correct. Welcome and enjoy your'e stay here

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    Hiya everyone. my name is (at least online) Niori. and i am a huge, and long time fan of the Diablo series. and it all started when i started going over to a friends house after school in either late 9th grade, or 10th grade... cant really remember which. but he had 2 computers, and we would always play Diablo when i first started going over there. then, after Diablo II came out, we pretty much quit playing the first one. then later, he got the limited edition... i remember that cause it came with a D&D type of game, and the soundtrack.
    But anywho, i got curious the other day, and went to the blizzard website, and emailed them about the possibility of Diablo III. but they didnt say that they were working on it. but they didnt say that they werent either.
    lol... i know this is a kind of long "hello" message, so....
    hello >.
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    Hello Niori and welcome
    time to die
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    ^.^ thanks blue :D
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