Diablo 3 is Number 5 on Google Searches for 2012, Budget Wizard Archon Guide, Fan Creation of the Week, Heart of the Swarm Beta

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    Wow diablo3 in the top search, i would never expected it
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    Amazing fan art work;i wonder on what place "diablo 3 bot" is however some things shouldnt be there at all
    ps: For the swarm
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    these top google searches, i wonder what their criteria is. because whitney huston as nr 1 seems odd to me
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    I'm glad to see these Archon builds coming back, especially in budget form. Makes me want to fire my wizard back up!
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    I wonder if "Diablo 3" includes things like "d3" and other related searches ... if so, then many will have contributes just by doing things like "d3 ice climbers" or "d3 barb" to get to the relevant blizz pages quickly.
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    Fun how its still top 5 on searches, despite all the hate. Sweet irony.
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    Diablo 3 has certainly been an influential game in 2012.
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    I had no idea Diablo 3 was that popular. I mean as a game sure, but the internet isn't just about gaming its about news shopping general knowlege, and everything else pretty much.
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    Why google Diablo 3 when you can just come to diablofans.com! gogo D3!!
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    Diablo 3 up there surprises me, i understand the dead celebrities, they always seem to top the charts.
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    Very nice artwork we have there :D
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    Definitely going to use that budget guide since my wiz is about to hit 60. Looking forward to taking a break from my barb to try my hand at ranged inferno for a change instead of whirlwinding thru levels at alarming speed ;)
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    Quote from Norgannon

    Interesting to see the only video game in the top 10 was diablo 3.

    It was the most anticipated game of the year and had like 5 months to collect searches before they started to drop off when the game tanked in popularity.
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    1m build is just crazy.. oh and dem keys give me one.. its my birthday 23rd so would also be a nice present ;)
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    When I see artwork like 'Searching For Truth' I get completely jealous of their skill :) It's so incredible well done. I've got a new desktop wallpaper :)
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    I wonder how in the burning hells did Mrs. Houston end up on the 1st place and Gangnam Style that scored the record youtube views count on the 21st (apocalypse of the internet) ended up second. However, when it comes to Diablo 3, I strongly believe that about 80% of the searches come from the time around or shortly before release. It'd be awesome to see a graph displaying how many searches did Diablo 3 get per each month.

    On a side note, the artwork of Leah and Cain is just... amazing:) Although, Cain looks a bit weird... Like he's too young or something:) Leah on the other side is really beautiful and I really hope that we'll get to see her return, because - from a lore nerd's point of view - I feel really, really sad about what happened to her in Diablo 3. I mean, she was such a good girl and first she lost an uncle to a stupid butterfly queen Maghda, then she suffered a lot while learning to control her powers and keeping the evils in the Black Soulstone and at the end her mother betrays her for a demon.... She ends up possesed by Diablo... For what? From what we know she didn't do anything to deserve it. Well, I guess I won't complain about my family anymore. But, on topic, if I've seen a girl like Leah in real life I'd definetely fallen for her charm:)

    P.S. Looking at the guide... Hell, I've spent about 40 mil for my Wizard's gear:) Stupid me:)

    Edit: Xenocow posted a graph of Diablo 3 views per month. It is as I've expected. People looked D3 on the web mostly around the release date. However, there is one thing that seems strange - either I'm blind or there were a bit more people typing D3 in google in Q4 this year than they were in Q1 this year.
    "What is dead, should stay dead"
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    It may be #5 googled, but that means (if the above is correct) that it's the #1 googled game - suddenly it sounds even more respectable in a sense (imho!)
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    Am I the only one offended by gangnam style being the number two for top searches of 2012?
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    number 5 on the list. i thought it would be a little higher, alot of expectations and people loving the 2nd game. i guess its pretty good being 5 at least cause the amount of people on google searching is crazy.
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    hmm, number 5 on google searches. Not exactly sure if thats a good thing, if one looks at the other top 10:

    1. unexpected death
    3. huge natural disaster
    8. suicide
    9. unexpected death

    while the rest is overhyped stuff (ipad, gangnam, kate, d3, olympics) and I have no idea what exactly BBB12 is...
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