Diablo3 - Status server android application

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    Hi all!

    I´m a android developer and i have decided that my first application must be based on the Diablo3 universe, so I have started to work and here you have it! i´m wait youro opinion, any advice will be appreciated. I hope you like the design.


    I put a summary of the APP:

    Diablo3 - Server status allows you to know the availability of the Blizzard servers and any immediate incidences through the notification system. The application has been developed and optimized to preserve the maximum device resources. The server information is obtained through the official Blizzard website.
    • Check all servers in different regions of Diablo3.
    • Know instantly any change in the status of servers through the notification system, allowing individual frequency settings for each server.
    • Restore your notification settings when you restart your device.
    • Allows manually update status servers.
    • Holo interface.
    • All devices are supported.

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    Moved to Tools.

    App looks nice, thanks. :)

    Ha. Bagstone.

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