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    Gem Crafting Trading

    is a website based on the application GemCraftingTrading, which allows you to determinates ingredients/cost/profits for crafting gems in Diablo 3. A total innovation about others calculator :

    - More details about each gems
    - More detail about Costs / Incomes
    - Calculation based on your stocks
    - Time to Craft
    - Free / Quick Calculation / Nice Looking

    Feel Free to use feedback on my website, or here in topic :)
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    I reach about 80 visitors in 3 hours, and no feedback :/
    let's see what happened in a week :)

    By the way i'll update my site for the new gems which is coming :)
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    I'd change the layout tho to something more bright and clear but it's just my personal preferences so don't mind it :P

    Also would be nice to be able to choose how many tomes I have in stock.

    Btw. "My money after crafting + selling" seems to be calculating wrong or I don't understand something here. ie. if I have 30900 gold, 3 gems, 0 tomes and I want to craft 1 Perfect Square. It'll costs me 30900 gold so I'll be left with 0. The selling price is let's say 10000 gold so I'll get 8500 gold from sale. So how it comes my money after crafting and selling is 53300 gold ? ;d

    Edit. Seems like the math is wrong if Selling price is lower than Selling price for minimum income ( based on TOTAL COST )) ;] The profit should be negative but it says it's positive.
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    Thank you for replying, my bad I didn't test my code when selling price was lower than Selling price for minimum income :/
    I'll fix it quickly :)
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    Bugs fixed !

    If you see anything which can help, you can use feedback part or reply in topic :)
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    Is there something to add ? to change ? to remove ?

    I'd love receive any suggestions :)
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    very nice tool. *bump*
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    @Taugeran, thank you very much ^^


    I'll give you a hint in these hard times ^^

    Actually if you want to make a little profit ( for small grants ), craft emerald stars, and farm around 10 flawless square.

    If you have more Flawless Square, around 20, you can craft Flawless Star to make a profit :)

    You can try it, actually Flawless Square Gem ( Emerald ) = ~12000 Gold
    Tomes = ~1200
    You money = I don't know :D
    Selling Price = ~ 1150000 or 3400000 for Flawless Star.

    Try it you can see how many Flawless Square you need to buy, at what price.
    How Many tomes too.

    And even time to craft ! :)

    Easy to use, and refer directly results at bottom, a little profit :)

    Enjoy your new stuff after few craft :)
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    Hey Hey Hey

    You know that if you farm to up parangon, you can loot nice gems that can make some money ?
    Every run, i loot around 6 gems of each colors, after few runs i earn some money with crafting.

    You can check how many gems you need, or you need to buy. All infos about Total Cost, and Selling Price are calculate :) And other thing. Don't only click and leave, try it

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    Hey all,

    I added a tutorial about how works my app ^^
    I think it will help some of you to understand data, fields, etc...

    Check this :)

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    Bump :)

    If you have any feedback, post it here, or on the website "Information & Feedback"

    Have a good day
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    Tutorial is ok :)
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    Hey, tell me what did you prefer ? What did you hate ?

    I'm focusing on your feedback to add or remove/change things :)


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    Bump :)
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    Nice tool! Thanks for you work :)

    Will explore it a little later, bookmarking for now.

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    Thank you :)
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    Bump :D
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