New Gem calc spreadsheet

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    First off I do not take full credit for this, found a google doc spreadsheet floating around and adapted it to fit my preferences.

    Here is what I found and adapted for as much credit as I can give.


    Here is my version:

    I hope to put it up eventually as a web app like so many others, but have no clue where to start.

    Let me know if you find issues please, and how I can improve it more!

    You will need to save it out and load it to google docs yourself, or your favored spreadsheet program.
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    awsome spreadsheet! i'v been trying to make something similar myself but this is going to save me a ton of time :D

    been working the gem market for a while now. good profit in it :)
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    Glad to hear its helpful!
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    I've been working on a similar spreadsheet based on one I found on the official forums:

    I saw Jaerin's spreadsheet a while back, but he took it down and is now charging 50 dollars for access to it.

    I plan on contacting him about joining me as a collaborator on my own spreadsheet, and adding some of the RMAH stuff from his, as I don't really want to just copy his formulas.

    I'd like to extend the same invitation to you, being that we're all working on the same sort of thing, and it makes more sense to work together and make one awesome spreadsheet that does everything.

    I'd also like to put together a web/desktop/mobile app, but I don't really have the time to invest in it at the moment - I've spent at least 20 hours working on my spreadsheet alone, and that doesn't even put a dent in the time it would take to build a decent app with the same features.

    I do think it makes sense to charge at least something for it. I certainly don't agree with the $50 price point, but I can see his point of view - if everyone has access to the same, powerful economic tools, nobody can really make any profit.
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    I've started working on researching writing an app myself. I did not know the sheet I based mine off of was being sold for $50. I'll probably just rework it and simplify it from the ground up.

    Although all the formulas that weren't on the source are entirely mine.

    Where can I find his spreadsheet? I clearly don't intend to spend that kind of money on it.

    We can discuss collaborations, but I think the first step is for me to take this off of someone's base that is asking that kind of money for it.
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    His was posted on reddit a while back. It's still on google docs, but he has it set to private.

    The one you based yours on:
    is actually based on his (or possibly based on another person's copy of his)

    That one already has a lot of his original formulas removed, though.

    I have a copy of one of the final public revisions of his, but I won't post it here, out of respect for his choice to proprietize it.

    I've contacted him about joining the project, though.
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    Here is mine, if you want to start something with it.
    Also includes other stuff like wd dps calc, AH bid increases, timers, counters...

    The file is saved in XLSM, so you will need at least Office 2007 to open it. This is done due to the huge load of formulas.
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    Ok, sorry, never uploaded something there before, I now changed it and set it to public.
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    I don't have much use for the DPS calculator stuff for this particular project, but I like the dropdowns, etc.

    I made the mistake of not using systems like that when I was working on mine, so it's going to be a major chore converting it over to names/variables/objects, which I need to do before I start adding new features.
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    Here's a picture of it:
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    Sorry I was a while in replying.

    That spreadsheet has a lot going on. I think we need to look at making things more simple.

    I'm trying to figure out how write an android app. I've done VB,C+,Python,Mel but don't quite know where to start with java and how to build it. But I'm getting there.
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    Right now I'm mainly concerned with adding features, and that's a lot easier when everything is on the same sheet. I plan on reorganizing and consolidating some of the tables once I get everything set up properly.

    I'm somewhat familiar with C++, C# and VB (in that order) but I need to get the spreadsheet finished before I think about porting it.
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    I found a long while back when I was working with gems; it's simple and I found it pretty useful (in case any1 cares/wants)
    it's not mine, I have no idea who made it
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    Quote from Coho

    I found http://starcrafttool...lo-gem-calc.php a long while back when I was working with gems; it's simple and I found it pretty useful (in case any1 cares/wants)
    it's not mine, I have no idea who made it

    That's the first web-based calculator I've seen that actually incorporates the majority of the same features I have in my spreadsheet (it also has a much cleaner UI)
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    Here's the what I think we need to do next, what are your thoughts?

    1) simplify the interfaces immensely
    2) design a basic gui
    3) learn java
    4) code spreadsheat in java
    5) port to android
    6) ?????
    7) profit
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    I don't know the first thing about java, unfortunately. But I'll be reaching out here and there, trying to find a programmer who might be willing to lend us a hand.

    My spreadsheet fulfills its original design pretty well (comparing proft, and determining the cheapest way to craft any given gem color/type)
    Unfortunately, I didn't make it modular at all, and there are all sorts of 'cascading' references that will break if I try to do anything with it. It's far too cumbersome to add any additional features to without a complete overhaul.
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    I set up a group SkyDrive and uploaded the various Excel spreadsheets to it, so we should be able to collaboratively live-edit them.

    I'll probably also set up a SharePoint / Team Foundation Server once we nail down the design for the app. (I'm more familiar with TFS than Git/SVN, plus it would give me an excuse to familiarize myself with SharePoint Server 2013 and TFS 2012)
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    I think we need to tear our stuff down and build back up for modularity if we want to make onto android.
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    Before we start making drastic changes to spreadsheets and/or pumping out code, we need to draft some design notes and decide what capabilities we want this tool to have, what platforms we want to target, etc.
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