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    I've been meaning to check out this forum for awhile so I signed up.

    Been playing since day one. I live in Tokyo and play as much as I can after work and GF time is served - usually ends up being 20-30 hours a week.

    I'm on the US servers and got past the "hate" stages, now it's acceptance and just hoping Blizz has the good sense to add the stuff missing from D2 that would benefit the economy and all players rich or poor like weapon swap, more gem types and traveling thru acts in the same game via WP.

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    Welcome ! Allow me to introduce myself: I am Boss_Hogg, DiabloFans.com resident troll.
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    Welcome mate, i hope you enjoy being in the midst of us ^^
    Those Who Do Not Know True Pain Cannot Possibly Understand True Peace...
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    Welcome to the City of Diablofans, mate!

    Go ahead and take a look around as there is plenty to see and do. You will notice large sections of freshly built city, while other areas; such as The Tavern; are quite beaten up and run down. Be careful going there though, you will run into some vengeful ghosts of past and possibly current citizens of Diablofans.

    Most of all, have fun!
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