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    Hi everyone!

    I'm on the last part of Act II, Inferno, and I've amassed a huge fortune of 1.4 million gold (and this is the most I've ever had!). I have no idea how I survived up to this point, as I feel like everyone around me has a 30+ mil weapon. I've been trying to trade on the auction house, but I can't get over how terrible it feels, having to input each attribute separately, and not knowing instinctively whether or not a roll is considered good or not.

    I'm sure I've vendored more than 1 item that was worth 10+ million. I know for sure that I've auctioned items that were worth less than 1000 gold. I came here trying to look for hints on how to value items, but I'm hoping that I'll be spending a lot of time in the trading sections, finally getting what my items are worth (which is better that it rotting in my stash!)

    I hope this place has a lot to teach me.

    In case you're wondering, I've been playing DH that can take about 2 hits from mortar before bursting into little pieces.
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    You have chosen a nice character, although as long as you equip it with movement speed items and dmg items, you will be able to farm Act 3 "soon".
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    Try to save up just enough gold to buy a bunch of good items for more resist/health and damage. After that, stock pile your gold for godly items!
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    If you need a Hunting Buddie Hit me up WazsuB#1378 i have only just Finnished inferno and i was stuck in act 1 for AGES....... like a good month. its a long hard road to find the perfect gear. i too hoard alot of stuf i dont know the value of, maybe we can trade lol.
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    Look for as many combinations of the following stats as possible (meaning multiple instances of these stats on a single piece of item), and also this goes without saying, the higher numbers, the better:

    Attack speed %
    Average damage
    Critical hit chance %
    Critical hit damage %
    Life %
    Life on hit
    Life steal %
    Primary stat (one of the three: dexterity, intelligence, strength)
    Resistance to all elements

    And some lesser considered stats that also add to value (though usually do not make up the majority of the item's value):

    Life after kill
    Life regeneration
    Pickup radius

    Then there are class specifics, so look for the following combinations:

    Dexterity + X elemental resistance + desired stats listed above (monks and One With Everything)
    Intelligence + critical hit chance + Arcane Power on critical hits (wizards and Critical Mass)
    Hatred regeneration and/or Maximum Discipline (DH)
    ...and various more class-specifics.

    Most of the time, you'll be looking at the first list for desired stats.
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