D3 fans and WoW - big happy family?

Poll: What do you think of WoW?

What do you think of WoW? - Single Choice

  • Neutral 3.3%
  • Hate it - The game changed the entire MMO industry to the worse. Now everyone and their grand mother wants to get rich b 3.3%
  • Hate it - played it for more than a year. 1.1%
  • Hate it - played for a short while. 6.6%
  • Hate it - never tried it. I just know I hate it! 0%
  • It's okay I guess - I don't play it anymore. 47.3%
  • It's fun - but I'll quit for D3. 22%
  • Love it - I will play both WoW and D3. 16.5%

Poll: Why did you quit WoW? (you can have multiple answers)

Why did you quit WoW? (you can have multiple answers) - Multiple Choice

  • Still playing. 15.6% of Users - 19 votes
  • Same old, same old. Even good things have to end. Time for a change. 37.7% of Users - 46 votes
  • Issues with the people I played with. 4.9% of Users - 6 votes
  • Real life issues. Took to much of my time. 23% of Users - 28 votes
  • I got bored pretty fast! Game is BORING. 18.9% of Users - 23 votes
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    La di da
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    WoW was fun for a while, but I can't justify paying $15 a month for something that isn't any better than games i can pay once for...or not at all! (LOTRO)
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    I think WoW is an abomination to the "art" of gaming. Mind you, it wasn't half bad, but now, it certainly is.

    MMOs are a joke nowadays. I don't know if WoW is completely to blame, but it might be. Either way, if that game convinced me of anything, is that MMOs are the worst kind of game and should not exist. Its a legalized, addicting, dangerous drug.

    For god's sakes, I actually had to miss out on weekend stuff just to have the most fun out of the game and keep my place in the guild. After the day I stopped coming to raids every weekends, if I tried to come back, I could barely get in a raid anymore. Its pathetic, really.

    Its an evil ball of shit that should be deemed illegal and burned to the ground. There isn't an eviler kind of game in the gaming world.
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    Tried it a bit when it was in open beta, didn't like it and was to deep in another mmo. Also don't like how restricted pvp is(for a mmo, im fine with how restricted pvp is in diablo 3 for a arpg) and how instance-based it is.
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    WoW isn't the best MMO out there by any standards, but it is the best that I've been able to find.

    That being said, another good MMO is DCUO. It's more of an action RPG MMO. I just wish it was a bigger world and that more people played it. :(
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    WoW is the best "mainstream" MMO out there and that will not change until a new generation of MMO's arise (GW2 and SW one). Problem with WoW is that it doesn't start any excitement in me anymore. Technically, it's a fine game, but the "magic" is gone. I look at new raid bosses and I see the old ones. I look at new mechanics and I see the old ones with some sort of twist.

    WoW evolved massively since start, but now is stalling ... every new raid is basically the same as the last, but with a different background story and setting. Classes have been flattened so hard they feel the same to me, I can almost see the check list one the developers table: [ ] one proc to make the player feel "skilled" [ ] one or two CC [ ] buffs shared with at least one other class [ ] a filler attack [ ] a short CD attack to keep things interesting [ ] a debuff to keep on the target.

    It was fun for 5 years, but it's time for something else.

    Edit: WoW hasn't created the MMO genre, but it is the one game responsible for moving it from a niche of the gaming world to one of the most played genre in the industry. It's no surprise everyone wants to copy it, as so many have tried to copy Diablo in the past (with limited success).
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    Stopped playing a few years ago, but i'm still in touch with some old commrades. They've yet to convince me the game is worth re-visiting.
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    WoW doesn't really fascinate me anymore, but it definitely did a lot for the genre.

    I miss the old UO days, though, when there were consequences to your actions and your actions weren't so limited.

    I don't really have a problem with WoW, it just doesn't do it for me now.
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    I've been playing WoW since release.In the past weeks I've found it rather boring and I only log to raid and perhaps do some PvP when I get the chance.Waiting on the next big content patch with Deathwing so we can finally see some more content.

    When Diablo 3 launches,I will continue playing both games.Quitting WoW for D3 was never my intention,although I know a few people that have said that.
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    I have played WoW since TBC but am quitting now i heard there will be a world filled with panda's with panda's also being a playable race on both factions. I would quit the game anyways when D3 would become available :)
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    Never played it but I dislike it for what it did to the mmo industry, can't find a good mmo with open pvp and no instances nowadays.
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    i played WoW from shortly after release, through to cataclysm before the firelands patch.

    the story has gone from epic to more epic, which is fine, but after lich king, i felt like the 'epicness' was spent.
    They conjured up an old enemy from the books, another dragon, and removed the world that players had come to know and love. This alienated their long time players, and while the game mechanics constantly got 'upgraded', somewhere along the way the game ceased to be what i wanted it to be. they changed too much, i mean look at any other game, none of them change as drastically over time as WoW does, and it just means that you have to keep playing constantly to stay up to date. i can go back and play D2 and know what to expect. WoW just sucks you in, and has you standing there in orgrimmar wasting time jumping and dancing, as JW said at blizzcon. Its less of a game now and more of a habit. also, introducing ilvls and individual boss acheivements was a terrible idea, now when you try to join a raid, nobody cares how good you are or how long you've been playing or that you have the next 6 hours free to commit to WoW, no, if you have 6 less ilvl than the moron next to you who got lucky in a raid, he is gonna get chosen and wipe the freaking raid. Guilds are just as restricting in that they make you go through ridiculous loops just to join, its not like there is a guild member limit ffs?

    The game just turned to shit from so many different changes i can't even pin point it, i just know it lost its charm for me in a big way, and now i see the panda expansion and i'm just like LOL.. its for kids now. i mean the universe never changed, but this expansion, is for kids.
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    Why would you quit WoW for Diablo 3?

    If you get the annual pass for WoW, you get Diablo 3 for -free-.

    And you get a lot of neat shit for WoW. Again, for -free-.

    Edit: And Illich, there is a guild member limit.
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    Quote from LinkX

    Why would you quit WoW for Diablo 3?

    If you get the annual pass for WoW, you get Diablo 3 for -free-.

    And you get a lot of neat shit for WoW. Again, for -free-.

    Edit: And Illich, there is a guild member limit.

    didnt know that, but i still don't like the way guilds go about recruiting, it's always felt way too stiff and your only option to access the raids was to do the whole apply thing, wake up early just to raid, follow all their rules and be on vent etc, it wasnt fun.. you spent 45 minutes setting up for a raid or longer, then before every boss you stand around more listening to some neckbeard tell me how to play instead of telling everyone to google the strat and be back in 5 minutes..
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    There were no good options for my situation. I stopped playing because I was bored of Cataclysm and the end game pvp/raid grind, I will be trying out MoP though and become the WoWemon champion.
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    I played WoW since 2005 and just recently quit. I loved the game, spent so much time on it, loved a lot of the story and the characters. One thing I really loved in Wrath and Cata was the involvement of all the dragon aspects, as I love dragons (Atramedes in my signature :D). I was pretty much married to Alexstrasza (Her dragon form, not her humanoid form, I could care less for it).

    I had a great guild at one point and we raided in a tight group and did extremely well. It was like raiding with a group of friends. During Cata, people got busy, people had to quit, eventually I myself had to take a break because of real life things. When I came back to the game a few months later, I discovered everyone I played with had quit. I joined a guild my brother was in, tried it for a while, it wasn't the same though, so I didn't see a point in sticking around.

    I felt WoW was more fun earlier on for me, and later on I only stuck around because of the people I was involved with. When they were gone, I had no reason to stay, but I also felt the game just wasn't for me anymore. I don't hate the game, but I won't play it again. I also felt since I was paying for it monthly I HAD to play, or I was wasting my money, so it took up a lot more of my time than I wanted it to, even if I was just sitting around in Org doing nothing at all.

    I played WoW pretty hardcore, and was a huge achievement whore, and I think I kind of burnt myself out over it too. :/
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    I played World of Warcraft for a few years on and off. Found that I have more of a quick leveling talent then I do at pvp or high end committed raiding. After trying PVP in BG's and some non serious arena with some friends, the feeling started to die off and it was the same with raiding. I'm not saying that those aspects of World of Warcraft are bad or need upgrading, they just weren't for me.

    Diablo just works for me, no other way to put it really. Played Diablo I when it was released, loved it. Diablo II in 2000 and Diablo II: LOD in 2001, they where more then what I expected, and from what I have seen thus far for Diablo III. I am in for quite a treat cannot wait to play.
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    I played WoW for a good 5 years or so, and even though it definitely had some "negative" effects on my life (wound up having to take an extra semester of college thanks to playing too much and failing a class), I found it to be extremely enjoyable for most of the time.

    At the time I quit, they were still rolling out the encounters in the WotLK Arena raid weekly. I had cleared every available raid encounter to that point except Algalon. The reason I quit was because out of all those encounters, the only one that I thought was even remotely fun was Yogg Saron. I liked PvP, but was never really that good at it, so when I stopped enjoying raiding, there was really no point for me to continue playing. (Never mind the fact that I hadn't been able to afford it for years and shouldn't have been playing anyway.) :P
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    I believe you should have another option there, for "other".

    I played WoW from 2005-2008. It was the best MMO I have ever played, it was my first real MMO and every other MMO afterwards didn't last me nearly as long. AoC - about a year, LoTRO - 10 days, GW - a week, and Rift - 30 days.

    So yeah, I eventually got bored of making new characters and running through the whole thing all over again.

    Now its GW2's time - Its not even out yet, but the fact that its B2P and looks amazingly good from gameplay videos, I can tell that it will be the next big MMO!!! =)
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