Torchlight 2: HUGE TON OF FUN!!

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    After reading the Kotaku article about Torchlight II, I was persuaded to at least give it a go. I downloaded the demo and after a bit of installation set on my way to play the game. These are my impressions of the game as I went, if it's TL;DR just skip to the end. *Shrug*

    The log in screen is pretty. I really like games that have the scenery in the background, it kind of brings me back to my Lineage II days where they did the same thing (except they were way prettier). I log in and am greeted by the customer creation screen. I wasn't in love with the characters in Torchlight 1, and can still say the same for Torchlight 2. I don't like the art direction the games take, but for a decent game I'm willing to overlook it.

    I choose the sorcerer-type character and thought it was pretty cool how you could customize them a bit, but still don't like any of the options for hair / hair color. No biggie.. armor will cover them up anyway most like. The pet selection was probably my favorite part, and ended up choosing the little Pomeranian, so adorable!

    I begin to actually play the game finally. Controls are immediately familiar, UI even looks familiar. (Yes.. I know all about the history of the company.) The combat's fun, I love actually hitting stuff with my weapons as a caster. Ha ha. The spells look pretty decent as well. After leveling up a few times the stat allotment and skill distribution takes me back to D2, pretty interesting to see it back. I start messing with the inventory, having known I picked up some gear, turns out it auto equips loot if you don't have the slot filled, cool I guess. Ha ha. The gear looks okay, but the "heavier" armor looks kind of lame, and the armor itself doesn't look too remarkable.

    Conclusion (TL;DR),
    The game's pretty fun. I might buy the game whenever I free up some money (I know it's only $20) and time. Although the art direction / character design isn't all that great to look at the game itself is pretty decent. Decent combat, custom character builds, and skill decisions should make each character pretty unique.
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    I wish we could have a topic in D3's general discussion just so we could get more people to discuss TL2 :fret:

    I'll try to write short sentences on my thoughts, as being a lawyer usually makes me write walls of text for maximum clarity possible (although people probably don't like reading them). -> edit: good job on failing that mission :fret:

    So, basically I have a 36 Outlander in Act 3 (similar to overneathe). My first Outlander (that I lvled up to 15) got scrapped, because I tried making him as fun as possible with different active skills (instead of as effective/specialized as possible). The most annoying thing was feeling that despite having 4-5 different active skills, they were all the same (basically AoE attacks with a twist, but this twist didn't matter against 99% of the enemies).

    Right now my 36 Outlander has Boomerang, and a ton of passives. Which means I'm basically left clicking enemies most of the time, and eventually right clicking when there's more than 3-4 targets.

    As far as itemization goes, at first you feel absolutely awesome for dropping unique and set loot, but then you realize that you're entering Act 3 and not a single piece of gear matters. You can literally kill everything by having the proper lvl and mana to spam your skill (which deals more dmg than any amazing weapon you might have found - my 300 dps pistol still deals shitty dmg compared to my boomerang averaging 800 and critting for 1.4k). I used Grell's helmet (a lvl 9 item) up until lvl 29, because from the couple 5-10 helmets that dropped none of them had a single interesting stat (they had +2 ice armor, +1% gold find, +3% exp, +5% electric dmg, +3 dexterity which equals to +0 dmg :S).

    I'm pretty proud of myself as a gamer, I can usually figure out a game and its systems pretty quickly. And for that I'm a bit ashamed to say I have absolutely no idea whether the stat points I'm spending are good or bad. I'm putting most of them in Dex/Str (for crit chance/dmg - 4:1 ratio), and every now and then some points in Vitality. Crit chance seems to go up and down (and despite me putting a ton of pts in dex it stays in the 22-30% range). I'll say again: I have absolutely no idea whether it will work in the future, and there's NO way for me to respec that (except restarting a new character). I can't even imagine what this means for your average casual gamer.

    Both the stats and skill system have zero accessibility. Now one might argue "of course not, people are being able to play and kill stuff" -> well, that certainly isn't because the game systems are accessible (and easy to figure out), but more because these people will rely on the one thing that's pretty easy to master in this game "spam 1 skill, spam potions to recover health and mana to spam more skills".

    I'm not even going to talk about the insane RNG they use paired with the fumble system. Basically, fumbling is "missing" an attack (sort of a hit ratio system). I've fumbled 15+ attacks in a row playing a couple minutes ago. I've also landed over 10 successive crits (with my spell) in a boss and downed it in 5 seconds. I was like "wtf is going on? did I do something special for that?". It feels AWFUL to position yourself, attack a boss 10 times and deal 30 dmg on fumbled attacks instead of a few 700 crits (even though I'm focusing heavily on Dex).

    It could be just me wearing rose-tinted glasses (I'm willing to accept if it's true), but Torchlight 1 seemed to be a much better game and have none of these issues. I don't remember combat being this clunky, the items being this much unimportant, and skills being so powerful they overshadow any and all gear (specially weapons) you might find.

    I'm not just bashing on the game though. The sound is pretty good. The art is just awesome (even if you're not into this specific style you have to admit they did a good job with it technically speaking). Having offline and lan modes means I'll definitely play this with my friends and we will laugh at all the crazy situations that will happen.

    But I can't help but feel that huge disappointment that they messed up some basic systems that worked really well in TL1 (and boy, I loved that game). Again, it could be me having the "wrong memories" about TL1.
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    I am enjoying it quite a bit.
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    Seems to be a pretty fun game. Though i dont really like the cartoonish look of the game.. somehow you just get used to it after an hour of gameplay. After few hours of playing i have found tons of good items and almost getting frustrated because i have to be compairing items every minute. And im not sure if there is any compairing thing that you could see how your dps changes if you equip the dropped item.. thats a bit confusing. Also after one hour you gain so much levels and stat/skill points that you spend more time on putting those points than actual gameplay. I dont know.. somehow i feel the 20€ price when play the game. But yea.. its totally worth the 20€. Im having fun playing it and i will play it more, but it could be better and i dont really understand how people are compairing TL2 to D3? Maybe people think TL2 is so awesome because you can finally find supergear every minute.. dunno.
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    Quote from overneathe

    Alright. Let's discuss things.

    I'm level 42 in A3 and so far it's been pretty boring. My right hand is holding my head while my left mouse button is soloing most of everything, with my right button smashing the heads in of bosses whenever they arise.

    What difficulty you're playing ? Pretty sure it's not Elite. TL2 Elite is harder then D3 Inferno and the NG+ is much harder. The main difficulty factor in TL2 is that you can't get immortal by getting good gear. The items only upgrade your effective HP by little and lifesteal is nowhere near as good as D3's loh who makes several builds unkillable. I finnaly feel challenged playing TL2 because skill actually matters. If i play better i can reduce the times I die, something that lacks on D3 automatic gameplay. I can't see myself finishing TL2 on HC Elite while i could easilly do it in D3.

    I've gotten so much sets and legendary items that I kinda feel disappointed now when they don't drop in the next 10 minutes. Green and Blue items are about as interesting as white ones in D3.

    This is not a mmo were you have to trade in order to get what you need. Legendaries and Sets drops quickly because they are there to be individually farmed.
    And loot in TL2 are objectively better then in D3. All builds of the same class in D3 use the same kind of gear, just use different proportions of offensive and defensive affix. But all DPS char focus on crit/crit chance/main stat and all tanks on loh/vit/all resist/shield block and hybrids just mix then up. Not to mention really high end character use the exect same gear as defensive stuff gets obsolete when you start to one hit every mob in the game.
    In TL2 there are actual item choices. Balancing all kind of resistances, searchign for stats to fill requeriment of other stronger items at the same time you look for the affixes that synergize with your skills is like solving a puzzle.

    I've gotten so much sets and legendary items that I kinda feel disappointed now when they don't drop in the next 10 minutes. Green and Blue items are about as interesting as white ones in D3.

    My engineer looks nothing like an engineer apart from his permahump and right now, in fact, looks like a colorful Lego character. My two stashes are full and there is nowhere left to put stuff in.

    I dunno why you're hoarding so many items. About character looks, i think my character looks, that a matter of taste. I don't like WD cloths either but i never complained about it because it's a artistic matter, not a design matter.

    At the beginning I gained so many levels in the first 30 minutes that I just let the skill points stack up before I began choosing skills, because I figured otherwise I'd have to pause my gameplay every 2 minutes or so.

    Thats a valid complaint but i never faced such issue. The first thing i did when i started the game was read all my skills and paper plan my build (thats what people normaly do in RPGs). So whenever i levele di already knew where i should stick my points.

    All the NPCs sound like broken robots and the story is so far away from my mind that it feels like I'm just playing a tabletop game made entirely of white blocks.

    Hack and Slash are not the genre where developers invest on presentation. At least TL2 gives you the option to completly ignore the story aspects of the game if you're not interested, while D3 sticks bad taste cutscenes everywhere. Up to nowdays i have to press esc whenever i go kill a boss or when i complete certain quests.
    And the story so far is enjoyable. I played Alchemist on TL1 and i'm seriously interested in knowing whats gonna happen to him (if he will get cured from the desease or gonna be killed by you).

    There have so far been about 6 varieties of fish over the ten or so Promising and 4 Secret Pools I've found. The only actual puzzle was in A1 and I solved it in about 3 minutes, since then I've had a "follow the light" and, er, perhaps 1 more that I can't really remember.

    Fishes are for fun feature. I agree that i expected more puzzles.

    The minimap shows too little terrain, but the maps on the right/center/left end up taking so much space I can't see the screen.

    You can leave the map on the screen (right or left) and gives it some opacity. It works pretty well.

    You can get full item sets by just porting out and inside the town since vendors sell them sets and reset each time you leave.

    Can't say i "like" this "exploit" but the fact that i can search for set items whenever i feel like returning to town is nice. Sets should not be "high end over the top" stuff because by the time you complete then they get obsolete in a few levels. They are just another variable in the whole gear puzzle.

    Good TL2 points:
    * TL2 gets skill to play (i counted my apm playing TL2 and it was around 110 while in D3 it doesn't go more then 60). And yes, when we are talking about point and click gameplay micromanagement is where difficulty lies and micromanegement difficulty is measured by apm. If you don't play REALLY fast (like spam attack and movement skill 100% of the time) and manage your mana bar at the same time you will die.

    * The itemisation is well done. Not as good as D2 but better then D3. I feel like building a chracter is like solving a puzzle and i had very little of those feeling in D3 while i'm having alot in TL2 and i'm nowhere near the high end.

    * Moddable.

    Bad TL2 points:

    * It lacks production value.
    * Lots of internet bugs.
    * The hardcoreness of it's systems (it's hard to make a build, no respec,hard to understand how the loot works and really hard to play) not going to please everyone. The game is about planning, not experimentation.

    About the whole skill thing, i'm prety sure hoard points in passive is not the way to go because most of then are 1PW (which is actually a bad design of the game). I"m playing Berserker and i've 6 active skills (Eviscerate, Haze, Shadowburst, Howl, Shadowbind and Iceshield) pluss Dervish and Elemental Protection making a total of 8 skills. I know im' playing a build that use above avarage active skills but all my other character have at least 6 skills in total (including the Outlander who uses Rapid Fire, Chaos Burst, Tangling Shot, Repulsion Hex, Shadowmantle and Dervish).
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    Just bought TL2 for my self and my little brother, we are having a lot of fun, we started playing on Elite for the extra challenge and we are around level 15 now, it made me miss the skill system from Diablo 2, its a nice change from Diablo 3 while waiting for the 1.0.5 patch but i don't see my self investing too much time with it and playing it alone (unlike DIablo 3).

    You cant go wrong with the gameplay, replay value and price of this game.
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    nvm 10 chars
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    I'm definitely enjoying torchlight 2 way more than I enjoyed torchlight 1. It's so much more fun being able to explore the world than just go deeper down in dungeons in the same town.
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    Anyone else finding Torchligt 2 a bit stale now? The content seems to ave dried up rather quickly, and user mods aren't coming along so fast.
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    The game is still going strong for me, but then again I play in single player mod.

    There has been a lot of mods being made without the official tools. The mods are somewhat limited at the moment. I have tried over 30 of them.
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