Torchlight lovers hate diablo III?

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    Quote from goffy59

    You all realize that Diablo 1 and 2 were made mostly by the same people who made Torchlight? Some Diablo fans you guys are. I admit, I don't like the graphical style in Torchlight but the mechanics are PERFECT. Even if it seems they "copied" Diablo, they have EVERY right to because THEY DID CREATE THE FIRST TWO aka they were the now defunct "Blizzard North". Do some research or something kids.

    Haha, yes we know.. But TL is not that much fun. I had years of gameplay fun with D1 and D2 + expansion.
    In my world TL2 will be forgotten once I have D3.

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    Honestly I loved TL, It was entertaining, but the problem i have with it is replay ability, I don't go back to it... D2 i go back to, Hell i played through beta of D3 at least six times now and it's only five quests... I think TL2 will improve on Tl's success but i don't see it having the replay ability factor that D3 will have and that D2 and D1 had.
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    A lot of haters here just the same as those comments on Youtube :P.

    Torchlight is a good little action-rpg. Remember they made it very fast so balancing and graphical style etc aren't the best. But the gameplay is okay. I put about 60 hours or so into it and still turn it on now and again.

    I agree I find torchlight less fun than Diablo though. I prefer the atmosphere of Diablo and the fact that they have a decent story.

    Torchlight doesn't really have a hook for me - that's the problem with it. But; I will enjoy TL2 a hell of a lot as you know it's coming just before D3. So I will play it during the run up to D3 most likely.

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    I don't hate Diablo III, but if Torchlight 2 releases before Diablo III, I think it'd a nice way to patiently wait for the game :P. Never played TL1 though, dunno if it's worth it. I'd try though if I get good feedbacks ! ;D

    The thing is I find the atmosphere too cartoony whereas Diablo II gave an impression of horror movies.. :)
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    I understand loving a game but I really don't get the "hating game X" part. If you don't like a game you just don't play it, there's absolutely no reason to HATE that game.
    Anyway, I think a BIG part pf Torchlight lovers are Diablo lovers too :)
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    D3 clone fans hate d3...interesting. I would have thought they were WAITING for diablo 3 with that filler game.
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    I liked Torchlight, played through it a couple of times, but for me it doesn't even come close to Diablo 2 or 3 - it was just something to kill time with. Like a Burger King meal vs a 3 starred michelin restaurant. The Burger King is great for hangovers, you will get your stomach filled, but it won't last a long time, and it won't be the most exciting meal you had before ;)
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    Torchlight 1 was really not that good, and it was never intended to be good. It was made for 1 year with purpose so devs could get money for there other project. But because it was so big success (more than 1 mil sold copies), they decided to make a sequel. But this time, they are investing heavily in game, and trying to make a good game. From the info i have on tl2 it will become a must game for every arpg fan, especially because the game will be cheap.
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    Personally I think the haters are just hardcore blizzard-north followers (who play torchlight/mythos/hellgate london). We all know Diablo 3 will try to follow D1&D2 but it won't be the same simply because the creators are not the same and times have changed. Still Diablo 3 will rock ofcourse no doubt on that but it won't have the same feeling as the previous 2.
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    I find this rather distasteful. (The comments by YouTubers)

    I've been an avid TL fan since it was first talked about. I'm also highly anticipating TL2, however I love Diablo's universe still. I will play D3. I will enjoy it just because it's Diablo (and hopefully because it's great). Hating a game because you like another game (ala HoN v LoL, WoW v EQ/SWTOR/etc) is completely childish.

    Enjoy what you enjoy, care less what nerds like these kids think. Enjoy life.
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    So I grabbed Torchlight 1 awhile back when it was on sale for 5 dollars on steam. A great price for a great offline game. The obivous complaint I had was there was no multiplayer. I was spoiled by MMO's and other games that had online components that made me feel like playing online gave me a sense of achievement and progression when playing with other people. I am still eagerly awaiting Torchlight 2 since they will be adding the online component along with newer features.

    Both Torchlight 2 and the upcoming Diablo 3 have Pros & Cons but my first choice is going to be Diablo 3. I will still purchase Torchlight 2 as a secondary game to play as well. Blizzard just has alot of backing to Diablo 3 that will make it worth its while for years to come just like the past games they have made. Losing the LAN feature in Diablo 3 doesn't concern me since all of my friends and relatives that play games are playing online with me nowadays and even if Blizzard trys to cater to the casual to get more customers that is fine with me.
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    greetings! came across this site - (yes I admit it, because of the beta key giveaways) and saw this post, and had to register to steam off some...

    I admit it, I hever played Diablo 1 or 2. Yes, i probably missed out bigtime! Anyways - on topic:

    I absolutely loved Torchlight. It was great fun for me when it was released, and I got my Destroyer to like level 53 or something, but yes, it was missing the multiplayer part, and i was so amazed when i heard that T2 was about to be released soon™.
    Torchlight is indeed more cartoon-ish, but i feel that it kinda defines it as a better diablo clone, rather than a cartoon spin-off.
    I am looking forward to both games, and will be playing both for sure.
    THe thing is tho, Blizzard is so much greater company, that invests far more money and time into developing games, and thus it's never any issue with any blizzard game. I got a feeling that's why Torchlight 2 is beign delayed, as they want to polish it, and deliver a game that has only minor problems with it instead of rushing a release to get ahead of D3.

    Made up any thought of what class to play in T2 and / or D3?
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