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    The following video talks about the game engine involved, which will be developed in house by someone (and others) very experienced with this sort of thing. The rest of videos posted here will be either from their website or as an update to what is going on.

    Now, this game seems more along the lines of a 2015 launch which is quite far away. For those looking for a PvP driven game with the holy-trinity class system we all love and enjoy, CU (Camelot Unchained) is looking like a place to be.

    There are some key things that will either attract or deter players:

    -RvR based. Limited PvE, to the point of it being considered siege only.

    -No easily obtainable 'great' gear. Nothing is handed to you. If its good- it will take plenty of time and effort. The sensation of it actually feeling like a reward. Completely player driven... gear does not drop.

    -Extended version of the Holy-Trinity system (Healer, Tank, DPS) with a few additions such as Hybrid and Crafter.

    -Crafting can play a LARGE part of the RvR experience if that is a role you want to play in it.

    -Potential of Guild and Player Housing anywhere in the game world.

    -No Auction House. Players can set up their own in attempts at selling to other players.

    -DRM FREE.

    -Will be Subscription based, BUT expected to be cheaper than the current MMOs.

    If you're looking for that DAoC experience from long ago with its own new twists, I think this is the game for us. There will be much more information released along the way, so please stay tuned or post something that hasn't been said!
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    Update #10 Combat

    Lots of info about combat in the video!
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    New Tech Demo
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    Update 19
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    Here are some reasons you should at least check out Camelot Unchained. CSE have some extremely interesting ideas for what an MMORPG should be in the future and even if it doesn't fund I think you will see developers attempt to implement some of their ideas. They are self-publishing and are going to self-fund a large percentage of the game. I think these guys deserve some hype!

    • Tri-Realm RvR Only. Instead of being everything for everyone CSE is focusing on just the gamers that want the thrill of matching their wits against another human being. Team focused PvP will be the only way to progress. No 10 rats to kill or FedEx quests. A world with no creatures or NPCs though would be pretty boring so there will still be monsters and guards. And some of those monsters will need to be killed for crafting materials. So PvE will still be in the game, just not in the traditional Quest/Leveling sense. Beyond the three starting cities (one for each realm) all lands are contested.http://camelotunchai...-the-only-game/
    • Crafter Class. CU will elevate the crafter from meer item generator to one of the main focuses of the game by actually having a crafting only class. All gear in the world will be player crafted (no loot drops) and customizable. Part engineer, part crafter - building traps for the enemy and constructing defenses on the battlefield. Crafters will also rebuild the world using Camelot Unchained's revolutionary Building System.
    • Building System. Part Minecraft, part Lego, Camelot Unchained will employ the use of 'cells' as the building blocks of the world. This will allow for true free-form building or you can use prefabs to speed up the process. Buildings will take time to build and will also take time to destroy. All buildings constructed in contested lands can be destroyed, deconstructed, or captured by the enemy. Rebuilding won't be as painful however because CU will allow blueprints to be created once buildings are finished.
    • Part 1: http://www.kickstart...ed/posts/460192
      Part 2: http://www.kickstart...ed/posts/461225
    • Importance of Housing. Camelot Unchained is a post-apocalyptic world and needs to be rebuilt. Through the use of the Building System, players will be able to literally build entire towns, wall them off, and dwell in them for as long as the enemy permits. Use a blueprint or prefabs to quickly erect your house or go for complete customization using cells. How close to the enemy realm are you willing to build? Building in RvR zones means crafters in RvR zones - anyone up for a game of hunt the lonely crafter?
    • The Depths. Dark Age of Camelot blew up the MMORPG scene with it's unique RvR focused dungeon, Darkness Falls. Camelot Unchained will see it's spiritual successor in The Depths. A single labyrinth/dungeon zone with legendary forges, points of power, and exotic resources. Amazing new gameplay concepts like tower defense style elements, remote viewing through medieval 'cameras', player controlled NPC monsters and bosses, all contained within a 'living' Giger'esk dungeon.
    Subreddit: /r/CamelotUnchained
    Mining: http://www.kickstart...ed/posts/459705
    Unchained Engine:

    YouTube Channel:
    Twitch Live Feeds:
    Unofficial Wiki: http://camelotunchai...t Unchained FAQ
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