Diablo 3 V POE PArt 2 - Game Systems

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    Hi Diablo Fans -

    I wanted to share with you the next part of the D3 v Path of Exile series we have been doing. Part 1 was pretty popular and got some good discussion going. I look forward to hearing your comments here on Part 2. Let us know what you think as we discuss game systems, such as paragon, monster power, skills, passives, auction house, and much more in both games.

    D3 v POE Part 2

    Enjoy :)

    Cheers 0/

    RTG Sibcoe
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    i wish diablo 3 had maps like poe, thats all it needs right now
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    There are already a few topics discussing Diablo 3 vs PoE in the Other Games section, so I'm moving this there.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    I only talk of D3 since it´s the game that I care (I have nothing against POE, but I don´t even know that exist until I read this post).

    First of all, I want to say that it´s embarrasing that Blizzard publish a totally incomplete D3 on may 2012. One of the biggest franchise of videogame history deserves much, MUCH MORE respect, and of course, we deserve a better game. Well, I want to share with Zealot (and with everybody) my concerns about the game:

    - Agree with Zealot on the rune system, We need more diversity. The system is not bad, but 80% of the skills are useless at Inferno.

    - Agree with Zealot on the progression system. You reach L60 and what? I know D3 is about farming, but we need more end game, and I´m not talking about PvP. Parangon system is ok for me, I understand that give less gear diversity, but I want to worry about my stats for kill demons not for get loot. But like a lot of things in this game, is incomplete, it can be more than a number and a 3% MF and MG bonus.

    - Agree with Zealot in other several points. The game is fun, nice music, nice sound, nice graphics, nice physic, nice setting, it´s addictive but... until a certain point. I need something more that keep me playing than gear and reach L100 Parangon. I need progession, even if have a better loot system, I still need something else, you had a lot of good elements that you´re not using: lore, crafting, followers, scenarios, dungeons, events, our heroes...you have all there ¡¡ If they improve this things we will have a game that really keep us playing for years. Because in 2013 you can´t make a game (a very short game, even if is based in replayability), with only four kind os scenarios, with so few dungeons that are very similar, with short events without interest, with a complety useless crafting system (getting better thank God), in resume, with such a lack of deep.

    I want to talk more openly about every aspect that I mention, but in another time, sorry if my english is not very good ¡¡
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