Your Great Finds!

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    Just wanted to make this mainly to show off a Legendary item that i found. Not that it is one of the best out there, but it was a very exiting find for me, as i feel that i am very unlucky finding valuable stuff. I never felt like that good items were stuff that i was ever going to find. But i feel like this might be the beginning!
    So i had been doing a couble of full act 3 runs and this was what i found on the third, or something like that :)

    Plz share your great finds!
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    Found an amazing IK chest with almost perf resists and vitality..parted with it for a measly 450m which made my 16p lvls without any decent drops all the more worth it.
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    Found this yesterday, I've found lots of comparable gear though;

    Still, I was psyched!

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    i found a Echoing Fury, sold it for 72mil and natalya's boots, sold for 18mil, all other ~17 legs that i've found post patch were complete crap
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    I found a zunimassa's marrow, 150int, 70 vit, 12%life, 3 sockets and 77 all res
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    The ones I remember:

    6 property rare glove recipe, ~20m, (1.0.3)
    rare amulet, 200+ int, 100 vit, crit damage + crit chance, 45m (1.0.3)
    zunimassas marrow, high int roll, 500+ life regen, 160m, right after patch 1.0.4
    rare ilvl 62 fist, 1k dps, socket, crit, dex, 30m (a week ago, when I really needed gold)

    Had some other set items drop that sold for low double digit millions, quite a few legendaries that sold in the single digit million range, and countless rares that sold from anywhere of 5k to a few mil.
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    Best I got so far other than the 3 legendaries I'm wearing and didn't price was Blackthorne's necky w/ 8.5% crit but no arcane resist. Sold for 145mil. Everything else, rares to legendaries I never broke the 20 mil mark and a few given to friends I group with.
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