The Story of Lilith

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    Hey my name is peter and before you read my story I would like to tell you real quick that I just tried to twist up an old idea and tried to put it into the diablo world. I'm trying to let blizzard add a new character,Lilith who im hoping maybe can have her own dungeon lol. Also I wrote this story in about a hour. I want to see if people like where i'm going with the idea than maybe I will branch it out and clarify the story more.If it is confusing i'm sorry I have alot of creativity but I didnt go as far as to explain details.Just trying to stick to storyline.

    Lilith, An ancient demon.. So evil the three Evil Brother's feared her. In a giant battle in the underworld, the three evil brothers’s sealed her away in a tomb in the underworld never to be opened. The three evil brother's broke out from the underworld, leaving the tomb unwatched, They had went to earth to rule it. After a number amount of years on the earth. The Three Brothers were sent back to hell by the angel Tyrael accompanied by brave warriors. They had made a tear in the earth before being sent back. By the time they had returned the tomb had been opened and Lilith had escaped the underworld.
    It all started with Lilith, Who came to Diablo in a dream and seduced him into doing his will. She came to him as a beautiful woman and brainwashed Diablo with forgotten happy thoughts of when Diablo was not Diablo, But a simple boy angel in heaven. Before Diablo became so evil he was an angel, Marcus, Who was corrupted by his older brother into doing evil. The Three brother's tried to overrun the Heaven's and was cast out by Tyrael and the other angel's and was never allowed to return. It was a brutal battle in the heavens as many angels were brutally killed by the hands of the three brothers’. The three brothers have spread lies, deceit, and false hope through the heavens. After being cast out from the heaven's they were stripped from there happy memories to live with sad, lonely sorrowful feeling's.
    When Diablo woke up from his sleep he was under the control of Lilith, Who was trying to take all three of the brother's power's and combine them into her own. She told Diablo to kill Baal first, since he was the youngest and thought to have been the weakest. Diablo approached Baal and was ambushed by an army of Baal's and was tied down to the floor. Baal knew of Lilith's powers and her intent, and he was ready to battle her. As Diablo lay pinned down to the floor, The Spirit of Lilith rose out from Diablo’s body, hovering over his body she cried out a blast that destroyed every one of Baal’s troops. A little tired from the huge blast she just emitted, Mephisto appeared and stabbed her with a poison edged knife that turns anyone into stone. Her Body Fell to the floor, Petrified and unbroken. Baal and Mephisto broke it into stones and sealed it inside of a tomb in the underworld.
    When the three brothers’ went to Earth to rule, A group of brave, But yet stupid group of thieves went to seek treasures in the underworld. Since they knew it would be almost empty, they came across many treasures in the underworld, Gold, Weapons, Jewelry, Diamonds, They also came across the tomb of Lilith, and were lured in by a seductive woman’s voice. Now under the spell of Lilith, The Thieves broke open the tomb and a fiery inferno splashed out from the tomb and Lilith came rushing out creating a beam in the sky in the underworld, she killed the thieves and escaped from the underworld. She knew the three brothers were on the earth so she decided to change her appearance and hid deep inside a cave, waiting for the brothers to return back to the underworld so she can reign over earth. Lilith was raising an army of her own inside the mountain, summoning creatures from the underworld.
    Tyrael had closed the gates to hell, So there was no way anyone was leaving or coming in. Aside from the quarrel Lilith has with the three brother’s, she too must watch out for Tyrael and the other angel’s. She was no stranger to them as well. Being one of the first angel’s and being cast out before the three brothers were created. She was sent to earth as the first woman and was given a different name than her angel name Lilith. It was eve. She did not accept the fact that she was being dominated by man and would refuse to obey the first man Adam. As Adam tried to have his way with her she pushed him away and cried out the most horrific roar you ever heard and destroyed Adam. Angry by her actions, The Lord of the heavens sent down a band of angel’s, including Tyrael, and they sent her to the underworld.
    Lilith being the first cast out from the heavens and the first person in the underworld. She raised an army to fight back against the heavens. But while she was in the underworld, there was a battle going on the heavens with the three brothers. After a 1000 years Lilith had been in the underworld waiting, the three brothers had been thrown through the gates of hell. Lilith appeared in front of them, disgusted by how men have treated her she did not show any friendliness towards the three brothers and neither did they. They demanded her to kneel before them. Lilith stood there and laughed and said “You expect me to bow to man? You pathetic little insects” and calls her army forward against the three brothers. Lilith did not know exactly who they were, but she knew they must be really evil to be sent to where she was sent. As the army started charging toward the brothers Diablo stepped forward and let out a breathe of fire that wiped out every one of her troops. Lilith, Saw the power of the brothers knew she couldn’t stand up to all three.So she would hide and strike when she was ready. When she struck she lost and was sealed away by the brothers. The thieves broke her out where she is now. A only demon on earth, Waiting for the three brothers to return, so she can try to steal there powers once more…

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