Fiery Runes II: Pandemonium

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    - diablo.incgamers

    Shortly after finishing last weeks wallpaper I tossed this one together as well. This one features a piece for the land of Pandemonium itself. I thought it was a really nice one unfortunately the top part of the image where the chain connects down to the middle land mass was cut off due to the frame but you can still see the original here: link

    Let me know what you guys think.

    See you next week.


    Concept Art & Diablo (C) Blizzard
    SoulFyre Runes by me
    Built and finished in CS3

    Galleries: diablo.incgamers - deviantART || The Fiery Zod - Fan Creations Community: diablo.incgamers - deviantART
    The Runeweaver
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